Thursday, November 03, 2011



not enough..

It's taken me all the way until now to realize this horrifying fact, love is not enough. Well, that's apparently what others would want me to think...and you know what, maybe they are on to something.

All my life I've always been a hopeless romantic, wearing my heart on my sleeve, believing in something so powerful, so amazing that is love..but yet as time went on, I grew older I also became more bitter, more cynical, more jaded...every heartbreaking moment would only leave all those little pieces of my heart more and more the point where reassembling it at times almost seems impossible.

I've probably wrote a million times how "true love" doesn't exist, how foolish it is to think out of the billions of people in the world you were destined to be with just that one. We've just been brainwashed by media, society, and everyone we know that it's real, it's out there, it's for you...We've heard the songs, seen the movies...we know the parts, yet, it doesn't pan out like that...songs, stories, books, movies...they are just an amplified exaggeration of something that's putting a stick on a horse's head

We all want to believe in something so good (no bash on religion here, I have enough demons to slay at the moment) that we strive for our version of it, mold it to be what we want and just pretend...those who are in love are guilty of pretending.

and pretending is knowing something isn't real, love isn't real...because if love were real, let me tell you, it would be "enough."

You can't sit there and believe in a thing called love yet in the same breath say that you need more, love just isn't enough..Love, by definition, is supposed to be enough..Love is the Answer, Love is all that when you tell me that "love isn't enough" I say to you 'bull'...I don't want to be apart of that horrible world where you don't really know what love is, for if you did, that would be all you needed.

Nothing else matters if you love doesn't matter if they're young/old/black/white/stupid/smart/whatever...if you have love in your heart for someone, if you have these feelings for someone..they are there...they are real..they are there for a say you need more, or it's not worth it, it's going nowhere is a's a lie..because if you actually cared, actually felt, the end would justify it all.

You go on living your life thinking there's more to be in love than love, and I'll keep pretending that love is all you need, because at least in my world there's possibility.

i'll keep pretending.

"Love conquers all"

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