Monday, November 21, 2011



I just don't know what to say..what do you want me to say..what do you want me to do..what???

I sit here in a state of confusion once's that's uncomfortably all too familiar feeling. As soon as i think progress is made, somehow i find myself off the grid. It's like my GPS turns off when I'm back on track, leaving me on the corner of "what the fuck" and "don't look back"

I feel like crying out like Stitch, "I'm lost" - trying to find something at any cost.. Fuck, maybe I am Stitch..just some odd outcast that causes problems that people want gone..I'm just hoping to find something to call my home, is that so wrong is that so wrong..

I'm tired of turning over all these rocks..and time just keeps ticking away on those clocks..i bet you didn't know but i'm singing this to a kayne tune, dontcha worry dontcha worry you'll catch on soon..

if you don't know by now fool, i'm talking about..

"i need a sandwich.."

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