Saturday, November 19, 2011


Cleaning up..
changing up..

trying to show i care

Every time i start to get balls deep back into my blog, I always go through a revamping of the layout only makes sense, the times have changed, there's a new chapter currently being written, time to spruce up the ol page itself.

I took some time just cleaning up some things, nothing really noticeable, just time consuming..change the widths on the side bars and blog posts themselves, that was something that drove me looks cleaner in my opinion now. Changed the fonts a know, just little things i think give it a better look

I tried changing my background picture because i hate the fact i am using someone else's artwork...i have plenty of pictures to use, but they file sizes are too large and when i resize them, they just get's annoying.

alright, that's all i got, just wanted to see how all the new functions were working, how it looked, etc...we will be back to our regularly scheduled program, now.

"the dust on this shit is killing me...fucking allergies..."

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