Sunday, November 13, 2011

I Feel Sick


to keep...promise....

I'm not gonna blame the night of crying, or the two days straight of drinking, or the four days off from work...i'm gonna blame the chicken wings I just ate - sad part is, those were kept refrigerated..unlike the pizza i ate for breakfast that obviously sat out all night long..

Ugh, I went to the gym to make up for the day lost yesterday, I probably spent more time rambling on about my life than I spent doing my actual workout. You know me, I like to jar on of stories that sound so ridiculous that they almost sound made up, rather it is just my everyday life. At one point one of the people listening in spouted off that I needed to write a book..I chuckled of course because that blanketed statement gets tossed at me more than panties at a Tom Jones concert.

I of course replied back that I do write, it's in the form of an online blog, and so making a book would just be silly - also, what the eff would I ever write about? Now I realized that most of my hits on the blog in the recent months have only occurred whenever I mentioned it in a post on dailybooth..and as we all know, as of 11:11 11/11/11 that I ended my stint on that particular website. That should not come to any surprise for you who have been following, it came close to an end back in August of just last year, and I've been toying with the idea ever since. Just until recently have I taken the time to really assess just what practicality it was to still be using such a form of social media.

(i would like to the fuck I gained three followers well after the time i posted my last post..really people?)

Sure I could continue to use it in the sense of whoring out my blog with posts dedicated solely to that..but really, if those who were reading my original dailybooth posts couldn't grasp the genius that was in those posts, I highly doubt they would even make it past the opening blurb in these blogs.

that and i'm tired of meeting people who have nothing better to do than fuck with my time.

So at one point I stop telling my story to the crowd encircling me at the gym and I go workout...just a 45 minute workout did the job, i broke a sweat and I packed up my bags. On my way out I said goodbye to the front desk, finishing up of course with whatever filler I may have unintentionally left out from the previous stories. As doing so, one of the earlier members walked by and questioned if i ever left to workout...amidst my laughing, the front desk worker responded in amazement telling the returnee how i had some crazy stories, and started to suggest i tell them again..i apologized as i didn't have the time for such a thing, as much as i would have enjoyed it, i really had to be on my way...and away i was.

I'll make the note that telling a live audience about the random nonsense that is my life ultimately deteriorates any blogging that will come later in the day from me. See, my blogs are my thoughts at that moment, whatever the hot topic is in my head for the day or that moment in time will get unleashed in the blog....but if i rant before then..whether it be to someone else, to myself, or just making full thoughts in my head..the rant escapes, the blog post fades if it's been erased..from history (familiar feeling there bud?)

As i make my way to my car, which for some reason i always park way too far away from the front doors, i start to my life really that interesting? "Write a book" they all say, but who the heck wants to read this is this any different from the random crap that happens to everyone else? I mean, I understand that i'm awesome and all, but really, i don't feel as if i am any more i wrong to think this? Is it my stories that are intriguing or they way they are recanted..

all these answers and more will be revealed in blogs to come, of course, only you hold the answers..

"I'm sooo hungry...wait, now i'm gonna puke....ugh, i want to eat...wait...ughhh"

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