Monday, November 21, 2011

Not Worth My Time

sometimes i gets stuck on a verse
but what you should know is that I don't rehearse
you get is what you see and what you see is what you get
and what we got is just a whole bunch of shit.

and now i only write this shit one time
just spew my thoughts upon the lines
so if it doesn't rhyme, i doesn't cry
so back the fuck off cuz i think it's fine

now many of you say i should just-go-back
and reread it so it's all-on-track
but what you all forget it's a stream of thoughts
and this type of writing it just can't be taught

i'm sure i could go back and edit-some-things
but it would lose all credible-meaning
and sure you can say these are all basic rhymes
but so you know i didn't stop typing not one time

and this only took a minute or two
but it was something that i had to do
but i'm just not through, not with you
and i'll continue cuz it's what i gotta do

so quit sitting there thinking that i-am-bad
cuz that type of shit it makes me-real-sad
you don't value what you got you miss what you had
and ignoring your feelings is what gets me so mad

what's the problem you got too much pride,
fuck, you need to push that shit aside-and
pick up the phone-and
drop a line, cuz you know this is only killing the both of us
and i may say this all too much
but you know it's true and you know what to do

..i don't think that's gonna happen soon

"i hate when i start rhyming shit all the time..."

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