Monday, October 31, 2011

Of Course...

this happens to be..
that time of the year...

you know, when i fucking hate everything...

I have so many things to bitch about, so many different rants to ramble on about, so many hateful things to say..that I cannot focus on just one at a time..I work myself up into such a tizzy i pass out on my keyboard..don't believe me, ask my skype buddy HazeyDays, with whom I fell asleep with trying to have a live conversation with (still doesn't trump the one time I passed out while going down on a girl...)

Granted I can focus on a topic for a minute here and there, but when i put myself down in front of a computer or person to go off, it comes out a of this story and that story weaved together with the utmost incomprehensibility ever...did i just make up a word?

I'll get to this, i got topics to talk about..i'm finding the time not so much...i think i've been home for an hour or two today, not including sleep yeah, i'm working on it..i have been making a conscience effort to keep nagging myself to blog..because boy howdy i got some things to fucking say...if you want angry blog posting, it's coming..

more than likely i'll say hurtful things, piss people off, and make others quote me years down the road saying something along the lines of,"your last words to me, via blog mind you, were fuck off" - classic jangus.

if i didn't need sleep so badly i would be on here rambling away...but just think..November is in a few hours, and we've already kicked off this years fuckfest with a god damn BANG, it's like October was a mother fucking pre-season for the mental raping that is November..way to go 2011, way to be awesome...

it's ok 2011 I'ma let you finish, but 2006 had the best November of all time..

fuck you, i'm out.

"**flips over table**"

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