Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bad Boys Bad Boys

whatcha gonna do..
whachta gonna do when they are you?

Nobody wants to be the bad person, but sometimes you are..and you just can't admit it.

They say winners write history, and it's true. The winners are always prevailed to be the "good guys", but think about it the other way; had the other guys won, those bad guys would have been the heroes. When recanting the story of your life, or any story involving your life, you never want to be the bad guy; you tell "your" side of the story; you tell your friends who are obviously on your side; ultimately you are playing the victim card.

Guess what, you are the bad guy, just in someone else's story.

I'm not the typical friend some would say - as much as I'd drop everything for someone (even someone who turned their back on me) I won't play the typical friend in, I'll tell it like it is, tell you the truth, say what your friends want to say but are too afraid to say it. In that sense I'll call people out like it's a hobby, in fact, I may as well add that to my FB hobbies list...

As the story goes I was calling out this flake of a friend who, for the life of her, could never organize plans to get together (let's not even get into the fact how bad of a text replyer she was...) Well after a random text from me she replies back, telling me that I make her feel like a bad person. I chuckle, and as the smile set in across my face i replied back. "I tell a non-fiction recalling your actions, and if those words upset you maybe you should go back to the source, yourself" Of course this did not go over well..not to bore you with the details, she tried to defend herself, bla bla bla...people will come up with reasons to not do something, as i always say, there's always a million reasons to not do something...I'm glad that others read my blog because that does remind me of a side story where someone once said, "if there's anything you taught me during our relationship it's if something is important you'll find a way.." Ok, we are way off topic..

Back to feeling like a bad person...she didn't feel like a bad person when she did those things, or rather not did those things...but it wasn't until someone kicked open the door in her head and called her out on it (I just like the visual of kicking her in her head..) And I know why she said it, same reason anyone says it, they start to see the truth, but heaven forbid they be the bad person, so they try to turn the tables onto you manipulative, saying how badly you make them feel by saying that..and while most people would cave, I stand by my statements...not only have you fucked me over in the past, but you're going to try and make me the bad guy for getting upset over it?!

That's just some straight up bull.

And so when you go back to your friends, and continue to talk the shit about me, continuing to make me out to be the bad'll only be lying to yourself. Heck, when I tell a story and someone thinks the other person is the bad guy I am usually sticking up for that other person..but that's me...and I'm not as bad a person as you make me out to be.

Ironically enough, I was typing all this up when I received a text, late night 1am text, from a friend needing to vent. My friend wanted to talk to, as they said, verbatim, a 'sane' person...I scoffed and had to reply back asking "ME?!" followed with questioning whether or not I was the last on the friend replied back telling me I was more sane than I give myself credit for...I say "I'm on the verge of k-exert deleted-f and you're calling me sane?!" And I get this as a response "You might have your own problems but you deal with others' well" ...

And that reminded me of a lot of things...How just earlier that same day another friend with whom I rarely speak to was having a rough day, or so they posted, and I texted to see what was up...and in fact that happened two days ago as well..and then it comes back to one of the greatest compliments I was ever indirectly given...

This goes back to my first year at CP...A friend who was also a current co-worker was having a random chat with a previous co-worker of mine on a lunch break or something...amoung the random discussions somehow I was brought up into the conversation, maybe the current co-worker asked the previous one what it was like to work with the Jangus..and this is what was said, "Jangus is a great just know that..because...he could have twenty of his own things going on and you'd ask him for help...and then he'd have 21." When my friend told me that, I was shocked...shocked because this previous co-worker of mine wasn't a buddy, I was never close with, heck, I probably kept my distance...but the fact that they recognized that, that I stood out in that way...that's what blew my mind.

So you see..I can be that deleted excerpt from your life, maybe a footnote, or a brief mention...heck, maybe I will get mentioned as the horrible person that ruined your life or some random crap you like to spill from your lips..but the truth of the matter is, I'm not..I'm not that guy...I'm not the bad guy...However, I am your escape goat. I'm what you manifest your own badness into so you, in your own story, can be the victim, the hero, the good guy.

It's not my fault I'm 'bad'....afterall, you made me this way...


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