Sunday, December 04, 2011

Can You Imagine


just agreed?

What if I just gave up...what if I stopped arguing every stupid point you try to make at me..what if instead of proving you wrong, I just agreed and said you're right? are right...Honestly I don't think it would be all that different than what goes on now...maybe you would just be less annoyed.

I'm tired of having to prove my case..I'm tired of having to show the gaps in other people's's getting me no where but pissed, and fast. You obviously don't value what I have to say otherwise things would be different.

Don't ask for my opinion on things when it doesn't matter...don't ask what I'm really thinking when the truth is only going to make you upset..or things more complicated...

it gets to this point time and time again for a reason..because you bring it there..because you are driven there...but once it gets there, you act like this wasn't your destination of intent....i'm tired of going on these rides that lead me back to where i began...still in the same predicament of being alone and maybe even more broken hearted..

so you know what..from now on, you're're abso-fucking-lutely right..about whatever..the sky is green? Perfect, you're i'll never say i am wrong, i'll just say you're right so you can continue to feed me this bullshit for every dinner conversation.

i'm sorry, you're right...what you say makes perfect sense and i will now change any and all thought process to now live by're so fucking right.

Apparently my reality and perception are figments of nothing..

"A fool finds no pleasure in understanding but delights in airing his own opinions."

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