Friday, December 23, 2011

Connect the Dots



There's so much to say right now..and no way to really say it. I can't focus on just one topic. It's amazing how life will just blindside you left and soon as you start thinking one way, BOOM (goes the dynamite) , your attention is over here now..

That's kinda how I feel at the way to really get down into it..Should I sit here and type everything out it would be an excruciating long blog..and more than likely I'd just tire out mid-way.

Coincidences..what about them? Do things really happen for a reason, or are the events just happen-chance, connected yet not meaningful? Because I believe in Big Grandiose things, I believe in Love, Ghosts, God, Aliens, Good in People, and Coincidences, just to name a few...I believe in a lot of uplifting things come to think about it....I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad I am striving to believe in all these good things, but when they don't happen or get proven else-wise I'm just let down..

I had to go to work today on my day off, but as soon as I got there I find out I don't need to be there til midnight, awesome. So I hit up the grocery store and go about my business. On my way home I make a stop at the Church right by my house - I want to know when the Xmas Service is going to be held, see if they need volunteers, etc. So I stop and walk around, notice there's some people around..then more people...then I get passed a pamphlet..and then a candle..and then there's a donkey..and I piece it altogether as I hear someone on a megaphone start speaking in Spanish...

Naturally I'm the only white person there but I feel I should/need to stay..I feel like it would be disrespectful to just up and leave, yet, my Spanish sucks..sooo yeah. Needless to say I stayed, I took it as a sign..I've been trying to reconnect with the church and I was thrown into this..test my faith with a different language and I'll sing Silent Night in Espanol.

I believe things happen for a reason, because if I didn't, then all this would mean nothing. It would just be random events and occurrences with no reference or bearing. No justification or meaning, just random points and lines that never intersect, never connect. That's such a horrible way to live, to think that there's not something greater...

I once knew a girl who said she believed in coincidences...however, when it came to something involving me, she disregarded it as nothing special. We could randomly text each other at the same time..I could call her a nickname she never revealed to me, after a period of time of not talking she could want me to call and BOOM, I'd be calling...these were just some of the MANY things that happened in the short amount of time of us knowing each other..but, she would insist on tossing those events out....because she couldn't make sense of them like she wanted to.

it seems sad, because with so many things pointing towards me, her, us you'd think you'd go with the forces, go with the flow of things, follow the signs....but some people are reluctant when they think this isn't how their story is supposed to go..

people can be fools sometimes...

"Oh look,'s a 'sign'..."

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