Monday, December 12, 2011

I Have Loved Enough

Thanks Leonard..
..i got this one

so so so much...

ok the original title was going to be "I Have Blogged Enough" but i found it appropriate for either title to be used, so, go ahead and call it whichever's not like i care...oh wait...

I wrote a 1500 word blog yesterday, making that the fifth blog in a 24 hour period, followed by a 1500 word that I don't think was read..or if it was then the reader obviously did not follow the pleaful any event i'm pretty much spent..well, ok maybe not, I still have plenty of things to say however every single thought, every time i speak, every deep inhale feels like there's a hattori hanzo katana slashing through my cerebellum...awesome.

So I wanted to get a post out there today, marking my accomplishments, or rather, really the lack there of...once again noting that I poured my heart out to someone who didn't even notice or care to notice, and now i'm left with the mess of trying to clean it up...naturally.

I'm going to the doctor tomorrow for my head (not my heart, though I'd love to hear a diagnosis on that..) - i'm so frustrated about everything that i want to cry, i'm in so much pain that i can't..

such is (my) life.

"i'm freaking out and all you can do is tell me a knock knock joke...."

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