Saturday, December 10, 2011

Nah Brah


Do whatever you want

It's cool, you can pretend to be busy and disregard my messages all the while you surf the fucking Internet. You can let me down a little bit more. Let me down just like anyone else has who has come before you. When I try to come to you and talk its apparently not the right time..glad you get to make the decisions involving my life you selfish fuck.

I'm tired of constantly being let down. I'm tired of having "friends" who claim they are friends, yet only come to me when they have a problem..knowing I'd stop Time to help them out, yet can't return even half that to me.

when will it ever be my turn, or did i run out of credits? You must have some cheat or lies because you keep coming back with a million lives..and i just sit here and keep taking all your texts and calls..but that's just the martyr in me and all my fault..i wish i could actually care less.

Dont worry, this post is not about you.

"sauna post!"

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