Friday, December 09, 2011


To everyone.. knowone...

where did all the cookies go?

Many of you probably know me as the cynical bastard who hates everyone - and as true as that may seem, there's an even darker side to that actually cares. Sure my rough exterior colored in the hues of jade is what seems to be the most "popular" of appearances for me to don, but that's only when the time provokes it. That abysmal front is actually the result of the collapse of how I truly am.

I've had this discussion time and time again with every new person I meet, and I'll stick to my stance til i'm gone. People. When it comes to people, I believe in the best of them. I believe in the good of all. It's like everyone is innocent until proven guilty; rather in this case they are good until they prove themselves bad.

I put forth trust into people. Why not, I'd wanted to be trusted too. Regardless of past events I cannot project negativity onto someone else, it's not fair. All too often we tend to enter relationships with a cautious step as a result of something that happened prior in our lives. However, this new person isn't that old person that made you like this; don't take out whatever on them. A new person is a clean slate...don't be afraid to make those mistakes again.

Maybe that's where I falter, because I want the good in people to show, I want people to be..good. I give people too many opportunities to prove me right. I understand people make mistakes, things happen, we all do this...but when something is a constant, well, then the opposite is the anomaly.

I defriended someone tonight that i recently let back into my life. I thought this time things were different, that not necessarily they changed, but realized the woes of their ways - apparently I was wrong. The only time in your life you will ever hear those words come out of my mouth..And we all know how much I hate to be wrong, maybe that's why I give people so many chances. But if the kingdom of god lies within man, not just one man but all men, then surely good resides within all of us. maybe i am still right...

maybe there is still hope...

"it's hard to 'write from the heart' when so many people say mine doesn't exist.."

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