Friday, December 09, 2011



the clarification...

My last post seemed..short..or to not have as much filler in it as normal...I've had several ideas for the direction my blogs should times I want them to be long, like a frickin chapter out of a book...and then at other times i feel i can get the same thing said in a more direct, quicker fashion. The later always makes me feel like I'm cheating the system, that I'm making an update with just a few sentences, nothing substantial.

In my last post the whole reason why I wrote the thing was mentioned briefly, in a half sentence, I never got into the logistics of what that friend did to make me end communication with them, was originally on my mind, amoung other things, but it never got in a way, part of me feels unfulfilled, like i left out the story..but yet my meaning clearly got across...didn't it?'s not like the friend ever read this blog so they wouldn't know the horrific details of what makes them a horrible person...I guess that's one less person to have cried about this then what does it matter..i guess what really matters is that the week of angry feelings and writings about that person have come to a close, moving on...

Ugh, new note..I just hate being let down..I don't put too high, or unreasonable expectations on people..I guess I just would want someone who calls themselves a good friend of mine to be able to do the same things I'd do for them - no questions asked. It's the ultimate golden rule. I want things done for me like i'd do for you..i want to be treated like i treat you...i want to be loved like i love you...

is that really so much to ask for?

"oh crap...domino effect of the blogs happening now..."

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