Sunday, January 01, 2012

Gone Designer

Stand Out..

A new addition to The Jangus Collection...

Everyone now-a-days has their own clothing line out, from failed actresses to's a little ridiculous, but I guess it's another way to make a buck..manipulating their fame and money to attempt a 'childhood dream' that they didn't pursue...or some crap
...over-saturating the market with more labels..

Anyway..this is my take on that christian louboutin character and the red plastered soles he has as his I am not a fan of red, and like the more subtly classyness of the blue, of course I applied a little blue paint to the soles of my men's dress shoes.

Shown in the picture is my experiment run, but after that was a success, I quickly painted the other shoes in my collection that instant.

Fun little way to start off the New Year I suppose..Fresh New Look

"I just add Blue to everything..that's my shtick"

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