Saturday, January 28, 2012

Party Time


that's all that really matters...

I was reminded last night of a funny little anecdote that will forever be one of the greatest pranks I have been apart of. The year was 2005, early 2005 like March or April I'd say. I was hanging out with a man, who in a short time, would become my best friend; this is just one of the reasons why.

TJ had been hanging out with me since his breakup with his long time girlfriend, with the removal of one person the addition of another, me. We had been hanging out more and more and on this particular night we found ourselves at a downtown bar. If I recall correctly it was 2for$2 Skyy Vodkas, and we found ourselves there frequently.

We were sitting at a table discussing life, women, typical bullshit when the alcohol finally triggered the social engineers in us. Before you know it we had invited some ladies over to join us and continued chatting it up. As time grew on, the ladies had some friends join and as great as this seems, TJ and I were losing interest fast in these people. They weren't adding to the conversation well enough, and we weren't drunk enough to look at them, but they were digging us, go figure.

Needless to say, we decided to move the party elsewhere, the party meaning TJ and I, and elsewhere being away from them. As we got up from the table, the ladies, who were still oblivious to our disconnection, pushed for a future close and invited us to their places this upcoming Friday, apparently they were hosting a party, maybe Hawaiian themed or something, regardless they wanted us to come. It was at that time something clicked in my head, and I can't say the same for TJ, but the light in his eyes made me think we were scheming the same idea. So in one of those unspoken mind conversations, we acted really excited about the party and got the address.

As TJ and I headed out to regroup elsewhere we started to discuss what our brilliant ideas were. We were going to crash the party. However, this wasn't any typical type of crashing, this would be duping of a greater number of people.....

So the next day at work we decided to hang notes in the server stations next to the POS terminals and in the mini breakroom - the typical places you'd find notes from other employees looking to pick up or get rid of's a billboard for servers. I remember as we were writing them up TJ couldn't believe what we were doing and just kept chuckling. Now, we had a pretty good group that we worked with, and if there was ever a mention of a party, publicly announced, you were sure to get the entire restaurant, FOH and BOH, to show up. These notes we created we for that Hawaiian party TJ and I got invited to the night prior.

I know, you're thinking no big deal, just wait.

It wasn't long after we posted the notes that word got around, it's a restaurant afterall. And shortly there after one of our fellow co-workers runs up to TJ and says, "Oh my god, you're having a party at your place?! Finally!" And runs off. Now you see, nobody at work knew where TJ lived, not even myself at that point in time. He had lived in the shadows of the restaurant social life for his entire duration up until recently, up until that breakup. For him to make an appearance while we were all out was a rarity, if it even happened before. So for someone who stood back, outside from all the events and things we all did together then have them take that step inside our circle was a big deal. People were not only excited about a party, but they were excited to have TJ become one of us.

As the week went on, more and more excitement grew amongst the co-workers while TJ become more and more anxious. I remember him trying to have a momentary bit of reason and tell me that he couldn't continue with the rouse, he almost brokedown and told a coworker the truth, but I stepped in before any damage could be done - the joke must go on.

Friday night finally came and TJ could barely bear it...while at work everyone kept talking to him about the party, I don't know how he didn't crack under the pressure. We finished our shifts and left with telling everyone to show up whenever they could. We headed to our respective homes to change over, with TJ coming by to my place when he was ready. We stayed at my place and drank while the texts poured in from everyone wondering where we were. Meanwhile I'm working the ladies from the bar who's house everyone is now at in order for things to flow properly...imagine the scenario.

Me texting girls: Hey, TJ and I will be over in a little bit. TJ had to get some gas first.
Oh, hey, TJ was wondering what kind of beer should we bring, or if you needed anything at all?
Random stranger shows up at girls house: Hey is TJ here?
Girls: Oh, no not yet, but he's on his way...

See, by saying is name enough in the texts to the girls, the name is fresh on the mind of the ladies, so that when some random person comes into their house they aren't as alarmed when that name is's kinda like a Pavlov's Dog trick...

The night continued on and I guess the party raged on over there..see, our work force liked to party..they had been hyped to party all week long..whether it was TJ's place or not it didn't matter, it was the crew and alcohol..what did they need more?

At some point in the night I turned to TJ and suggested if it would appease his well being, wanna move this party to his actual place? And that my friends is the night we found out where TJ lived.

"Is it sad that one of the best parties you ever threw wasn't even at your place...and you didn't even show..."

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