Friday, February 24, 2012

AB-solutley Right

I'm always right

so never question it

So yesterday I make my way over to one of the wee-fee hotspots in order to get online..As I'm doing the random things, checking email, forgetting what it is I'm supposed to be checking or googling, I read up on some news articles - ever since I got an office job, news websites have offered me entertaining ways to kill time…

Anyway, upon opening the first site right there on the front page, main article, "anorexia among young males?" The article went on to show pictures of these guys with frail bodies, skinny, except…they had a six pack or abs of some kind. Yup, the post I wrote not too long ago about how sickening this new fad was becoming turned out to actually be a legit any of those naysayers who thought I was just being a hater can now SMD.

They article elaborated on the new trend, of why it was happening, and so forth..what's sad is some of the quotes from these idiots "I think I look good" or "i love being able to show off my bod" …right, because skin and bones looks sooo good..but you got that six pack so kudos to you…

And to you girls who perpetuated this're all fat…there, that should settle the score…

"..but you'll question me anyways, because you're stupid"

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