Monday, February 20, 2012

Hey Seoul Sister

yeah, bad jokes..
get used to them

cuz just like me, they ain't gonna stop...

I've been here four days and I'm irritated…in a sense. Maybe it's just that I'm bored, or there's not much going on, or people are plain..yes, the latter, let's go with that one. I'm here in the ROK with one of my co-workers, and by the 48 hour mark I could already re-tell all the stories she was going to say when she was going to say them.

After meeting new person after new person, the stories got old fast, I can only play along like it's the first time for a couple times, if starts with some comment, she'd come back with a subtle "that's what she said" line to which it would provoke a facial response from someone around…she then would go into detail about how her shop took a vote and voted her, out of the other two females, having the dirtiest mouth/mind…something in those regards. I know the other two females, and I don't remember ever having this vote…regardless…

I guess it stems from my aptitude to being a random character, that, if I were to start telling the same stories or jokes over and over, I'd become a one dimensional character…and I'm not…I'm so much more than that. Whenever it comes for me to tell a joke/story again, with someone around that heard it the first time, I'm hesitant to even say it..yeah it was witty or funny the first time, now it looks like i'm running material on you.

and even in that case I always try to reword the joke/story so it's not completely the same..trying to change it up in any way possible..the only time I actually tell jokes/stories on multiple occasions with others who know around is when I'm asked the story with Build-a-Bear or Scarface…

It reminds me of Jude Law's character in I Heart Huckabees - how he constantly the same Shania Twain story over and over again…this reference is probably lost on you…go rent the movie

Ugh - what's even better is the fact that I just want to escape everything and…i think i'm doing that here. I keep trying to do my own thing, but "marines stick together" shit is making me go with the crowd…I try to go an eat alone, be alone, etc…but somehow they always find me or get me..i'm sure this group is a lovely bunch of people, that on any other time i'd love to hang out and party with like they do every night..however, that's not me, especially not right now.

I guess it's kinda convenient being half way across the world when i want to lose myself in a sense..the only troubling part is getting somewhere - wow. this weekend should prove to be something..i suppose. i know enough Korean (aka none) and where to go to just be brave and go out - nobody's gonna hold me back.

It's actually kinda nice in a way…nobody cares about me here, and I couldn't care less.

"How am I not myself?"

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