Tuesday, March 27, 2012




Good evening readers. It's been a couple weeks since my last post, funny how I posted more when I was in a far away land..and of course since my last post things have happened - I am actually currently in the works of this epic post, but I needed to take a break form that, I guess..or maybe I lost all hope in that train of thought for the moment.

I just deleted that last sentence..interesting. I guess I have a knack for deleting things recently, or getting things deleted..something along those lines. I really am struggling with words..words that actually make complete sentences...i guess i cannot say "I am without words" because even when I am, such as a time like now, I still find someway to force them.

Despite my shortcomings I push through.bah, even as i type that sentence I hate the wording...I'm losing my touch..losing my touch with everything. This is just an update, nothing more..

I'm alive, that is all.

"oh i suppose i'll put something witty down here..."

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