Friday, March 02, 2012


what happens..
to these posts..

if I'm posting from the future?

So ever since I got to Korea I've been saying that I'm from the happens in like every single text message. I'd currently Saturday afternoon here..which means it's like Friday night back home..

so my question is….If I were to make this post right now, and somebody from back home were to view it a few minutes after I posted would show up right, and it would show from the future time to them…

I question this only because in the past I've woe posts, but changed the time to post for a future time/date…and it would sit there, pending, until that time came…

but in this instance, i'm posting in my current time, just future time for anyone else…so the dates they read with what I wrote wouldn't correspond necessarily…

ok, this has been a brain melt that has last long enough, good day.

"sometimes you have to travel a million miles, see a million faces to realize the answer to all your questions was right there the whole time"

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& said...

hope you are having a great time! (in the future ;p)