Saturday, March 10, 2012

Rocking the R.O.K.

fast facts..
fun facts..

the more you know….

Ok, so while out here in Korea I'm trying to dive into the culture as most as possible…learning a few words, socialisms, things like that…just trying to fit in i guess..but one thing I came across while reading some Korean hand-guide was an interesting fact about the flag..

insert picture here

ok, so check this out..each one of those outer blocks of lines means favorite two are in the upper left hand corner, and the bottom opposite corner. The top - one with three full lines - represents Heaven. It's counter part, the one with six each dashes represents Earth.

Now it gets even cooler than that! The word for Heaven is Geon…and the word for Earth is Gon….ONE LETTER OFF! How Awesome?!

It also stands for Father/Mother..East/West..Spring/Summer....just some random cool things...

Ok, am I the only one who gets excited over things like this?! I think it's really freaking cool and I love little things like this..

ok, cultural hour is over, I now return you back to bla.

"Ooh, baby, do you know what that's worth? Ooh, heaven is a place on earth. They say in heaven love comes first. We'll make heaven a place on earth."

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