Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sarah Can Fuck Off

let it out,
let it all out

let all the hostility out…

i don't care if what i'm about to say, have said, or will say offends probably won't because you don't' read this anymore so it's whatever…it can't give you any more reason to hate me, because you already did that just fine without me ever doing anything wrong in the first place..

I never hated this person, I only disliked how she hated me without ever knowing someone could be so judgmental yet supposedly adhering to the good word..

but now, as the tension flares, and the propaganda fills your ears, i've had it.

This person can sit there, claim to be a good friend of yours - yet talk shit on someone you care about..she sits there and claims to love god and his teachings, yet will smite me superficially...


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