Saturday, April 14, 2012


every day..
just more days...

It's week two of the allegations against me. Everyday is another day. Another day of torture that is. It starts with waking up. An alarm goes off shortly after I finally do pass out; all night long I lay in bed and wonder why, why is this happening. I try to think of other things, but it's consumed me, whether I want it to or not. Too tired to get out of the bed the second alarm I set goes off some ten minutes later; I still refuse to rise and face the day. Eventually I pull myself together, struggling to get out of bed. In the bathroom I wash the tried from my eyes, the blur allows me to not see myself. I put my hair back down, get dressed and head to work. And from there it just continues, like the day.

As I sit at my desk I feel the weight of the conspiracies piling up. As I walk to get water from the cooler I can sense the eyes of discomfort on me. Though everyone says they are on my side and supportive, the fact remains I've been accused of a horrible crime, and it doesn't take an ivory hunter to find me.

All day long, somebody new, same questions.

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