Friday, September 14, 2012

I'm about to Djokovic


today my subdivision came close to being burned to the ground by me

I woke up not looking forward to work today; so much in fact i fell back asleep after turning off my alarms. Luckily I didn't oversleep and got to work on time...funny that work would soon to be the thing I needed to get away from everything else.

Not sure what got me there, all I know I was one angry individual come lunch...maybe it was the long lines, the long work day, the meddling hands with work, or some random facebook post that i read too deeply into. whatever the case may have been, i was not in a happy place.

if you could graph my level of care on, say, a pie chart..the chart would show a bag of flour and blueberries on a shelf - ...because..i care so little that not even the pie was made....ok...enough...

i'm fading fast, and my health will soon suffer. i need to go.

"fuck it, i quit"

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