Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Year



It's that time of the year again, time to look back on all that occurred; the good, the bad, the whatever...Honestly, this may take me a bit of trouble as nothing too monumental seems to be jumping off the top of mind for the year.

January opened up the new year and I was living with Gary in, what really was, our dream spot for Cali.  I remember that first half of the year I struggled to keep my finances afloat because Gary could not keep track of his.  Paying for almost the entirety of the rent and add-ons I was forced to take cut-backs in my personal life...drawing out from my stocks, not taking trips like I had planned to do.

But that didn't stop a man that was nearly five-thousand dollars in debt to me. Paying for tanning (in california), private volleyball lessons, wetsuits, flights, amoung other random activities...His frivolous lifestyle and refusal to grow up, take responsibility, and not live the life for more than 2 minutes would ultimately be our dream's demise.

After consulting with our land lord we decided with all the bad events taking place at the condo - management singling us out for any "violation" they could come up with - we had decided to move out in May.  Gary for once took initiative and went out looking for apartments for us. He viewed some, reported back to me with eager eyes, but within 24 hours the mood would take a 180.  He came back to me telling me he took his old job back, and would be moving back to Indiana.

So all plans were scrapped and I was off to fend for myself.  Coincidence or happen chance played a big part and I was able to find a place to live - a coworker had a master bedroom available, with a garage, in a place close to where I first lived out here.  Everything fell into place, and I moved out mid-May.

Over the summer, I was able to cross off some things from my bucket list.  The San Diego County Fair opened and I was apart of the color detail.  This got me free admission for the day and some vendor vouchers.  So after the ceremony I left to return in the evening, where I would watch The Beach Boys live in concert.  It was a free show, and they still rocked.  It was just a cool experience to see people I grew up listening to and watching on Full House.

Right before that though I did see one of my favorite bands of all time (all time) in a very long day up in Anaheim.  What started in the morning with free tickets to the Angels Vs White Sox game (that I would scam to upgrade for better seats), would later turn into walking across the street to The Rolling Stones concert in the evening.  Of course then and there my luck with scalpers took its first blow.  The night would end with going to some random club and 'partying' with the band.

Other events that happened were two trips to the CG in Beverly Hills, the second to correct the first time's deficiency.  Saw Ashley Simpson perform in Chicago, also saw Kanye in concert in October, Moving Units and Hypercrush in November.

Made an impromptu trip to Indy in October to watch one of my friends from the Region get married.  I had realized I hadn't taken any trips up to that point this year, and I was tired of missing all my friends weddings for whatever lame reason..all that, and the fact I wouldn't be around much longer pushed me to take the trip.

Oh, yeah, I found out in July, confirmed yet not confirmed I would be deploying come next year.  Well, it bounced around, the slots were moved, my position from Afghanistan to Kuwait got jumbled around, and even when we thought everything was settled, we found out that the dates of January/February didn't apply to people going to Kuwait...Our date was in November...before Thanksgiving, before the Michigan/OSU game in Ann Arbor..before any holiday....

So once again, November would come to fuck me; this time, it was known in advanced, like knowing when you would be executed.

These details changed everything for me in 2014.  I used this an excuse to send the girl that was living with me back to where she came from, and I spent the remainder of my time reclusing. (it's a word, I made it up, deal with it)

So once again, for the fifth time in my life, I packed up everything and put it into storage - though since I never unpacked, it was all still sitting in the garage.  The period from September 2012 to May 2013 would be the first time since 2003 that I did not have anything in storage.  Less than a year.

My former bedside companion (I really need to get her a name) helped assist me in the moving process, and road with me all the way out to my grandparents, where I would store my car and say my goodbyes after a few days.  Then it was up to Chicago, though nothing was planned - i.e. movie, sporting event, anything like that - we were going to just be apart of the city.

The time in the city was wonderful - I think it was the longest time I've spent in the city since 2007.  From there it was off to Dallas for a couple days, back to Indy for two more, then over to Cali.

The final days in the states were nothing special.  I spent my time off work finishing the last classes I had, and spent many hours in P'Bread completing my last projects for the class.  In an odd way, it was like 2009/2010 all over again, but I was ok with that.

The vehicle that I thought propelled love, but only set me back was destroyed...as a symbol of something I'm sure, as it happened on your anniversary.

Mid-November the small group of us deployed to Kuwait, which is where I am now and will be for another year or so.  Nothing happens here.  We work every day, luckily me and my counterpart only work 8 hour shifts currently...but, it's like Groundhog's Day...same thing, day in, day out.

We went to The Avenues mall in Kuwait City on Thanksgiving, but haven't been back since, even though we tried to organize a trip on Christmas Day to treat ourselves.  Made two trips to the Embassy, one of those being tonight, New Year's.  It's one of the few places you can drink in this country, since it is a dry country....however that craziness works.

But that was my year. I don't expect much from 2014 either...

"it's not what happened, it's what didn't happen"

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas

wait that's Hawaiian


I was under the impression we were getting the day off, the impression obviously wasn't that impactful on the higher ups....Instead we are the only ones in the office today.  I had hoped to go to the mall, another chance to get off base, a chance to go Xmas shopping for ourselves..but no, none of that either.  

So as I enter the chowhall in my work uniform, my eyes scan the sea of civies...sigh, I should be joining in with the masses, but alas, I have to work.  There's not many open spaces to sit, as half the normal seating area has been sectioned off for cakes, carving displays, and of course, Kuwaity Santa.

I find a table with a few empty spaces and some other service members in uniform too; I pick this table to try and blend in.  (For the record, or desert, ran cammies versus the army light green cammies..yeah, not much to 'blend' in there)

Little did I know, but I sat down right between the two-star Army General and the Army Command Sergeant Major..go me.  I didn't realize this until well into my meal in fact.  At one point during my meal, I saw a group of people taking pictures with a two-star at the opposite end of the table.  I didn't think too much of it, thought it was kinda random and cool to see a two-star in the non-vip section of the chowhall, and continued eating..then I noticed him walking over my way.  My eyes kept in pursuit as I gobbled down some more stuffing.  He made a pass behind me and onto the other side, where he pulled out a chair and sat..where he had been this entire time.  

This mother fucker had been sitting next to me the entire time and I hadn't the slightest clue.  It wasn't too much longer before he sparked conversation with me, asking me where I was from and wishing me a merry christmas as well.  I would have continued, but my meal was finished, exchanged another round of 'merry christmas'es and left, noting the rank of the gentlemen that was sitting on my right.

It's not every day you can say you inadvertently had lunch with the two-star.

"'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the base, not a creature was stirring, except MCC-K"

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

I Concede

No white flag, 
just going to let be...

A post about posts...

After much consideration, I feel as if 'pushing' posts on you, this year, would be wrong.  I do not like the idea of forcing these posts to meet some made up quota.  It would not be right.  That is not the idea behind this blog.

Granted, I have come across some writing exercises that tell you to force a set hour or so each day to post - which I can understand their intent; and I have no qualms with that.  What my argument is against is posting multiple times in one day..posting so many times in way to make up for the days, weeks, and months of lost posts this year.

It would be like a deathbed repentance...as my time grows nearer, I fight fruitlessly in order to 'make things right', only to appease myself really.  Sure I'll look back at this year and wonder "why?".  I'm shamefully shake my head in disappointment at the low number; but rather not the low number itself, but what it represents - my laziness.  

Sure there was a period in the first third of the year i was extremely bogged down with work and school..but what abut the rest...

no excuses, just write.

"I can't promise the future will be any different, but I can promise I'll try"

Monday, December 23, 2013


that feeling..
the feels..

i..just don't like it.

My night started off on what I hoped to be a good sign.  Lately I've been staying up later and later, which results in me waking up later and later..not a good cycle - maybe I wasn't made for 24 hour days...

Anyway, it was shortly before midnight and I called lights out..and actually fell asleep.  Naturally, that was the only good thing going for me.  My dreams played at as if concocted by some alcoholic libation...yet, we know that not to be the case.  Couldn't have been something I ate either, same food..just different results? Nah. So what is it...I awoke sometime before 4 and puzzled that very question.  Christmas..must be Christmas.

Though my dream, while sleeping, was about working at my first job...had nothing to do with Christmas...even my dreams when I was awake; those thoughts and memories that sprung out of the random darkness did not relate to Christmas.  However, I believe it has more than everything to do with it.

Just thinking about past Christmases (Christmasi?), more or less the most recent ones...like how in 2006 I spent it alone at TJs place and drunk dialed my mother.  Or how from 2007 to 2010 I worked a double for both the Eve and Day.  How in 2009 after work I had a special treat in store for me.  How in 2011 I worked til almost midnight on Christmas Eve because shit at work needed to get done so I took the responsibilities from some other guy who had plans to see his family in LA...Also in 2011 I spent it with my bosses family (who was kind enough to invite me over for the night, yet defriended me on facebook sometime this year).  

I keep trying to think what I did last year, 2012..and I cannot for the life of me remember.  I remember work around those times sucked.  I put in more hours in those three work days than I put in on a normal week...early mornings, late evenings...all for no real reason - it was actually to "get ahead of the game"..so, essentially it was work that would be work in the future, but not currently, not during the holidays, especially, right then and now..

But what did I do..who was around...did Gary go back home for the holidays...what the heck happened?  As someone who can remember the most intricate of details, those entire days escape me.

But these dreams, both asleep and awake, were very...moving.  Moving in two very different ways at that.  For whatever reason, these memories were not like normal memories; like, supermemories...memories with super cognitive strength.  The emotions these dreams stirred were intense - and these memories weren't anything powerful on their own normal accord, they weren't like seeing a picture of your first love, or smelling the scent of your grandparents home, the time you almost died in the car accident and now you look differently at certain stretches of highway..no, these were run of the mill, ordinary memories.

Yet today, they instilled something very uncomfortable inside me.

I could not go back to sleep.  I had gotten less than 4 hours, yet here I was, wide awake, being beaten down by random old memories of mopping a floor.  And as my mind went with the flow of the wandering images projected in my head, every now and then I'd be overcome with certain sensation I could not shake.  I wanted to start clawing at my skin in order to make it all go away; but I knew my roommate would not approve.

He was awake too, at least he went to the bathroom shortly after I did.  I don't think he ever went back to sleep judging by the noises come from his side of the room.  Maybe something was in the air tonight that kept us both awake.

Whatever the case may be, I never want experience anything remotely similar to whatever happened tonight ever again.  I feel as if I could live quite comfortably knowing it won't ever occur again, however, something lingering in those memories makes me believe it will come again later.

There was a message, I just didn't care to listen.

"When I die, and everyone who knows me dies, it'll be as if I never existed"

Sunday, December 22, 2013

So This One Time..

I was gonna write..


I woke up on this Sunday feeling good about getting stuff done.  It has been my goal to get on a schedule of sorts to make sense of the days out here.  You see, if you didn't know by now, I work every single day..ever.single.day...that is not a fabrication..I go into work at 1500, and leave somewhere between 2300-2400..not bad hours, in fact I enjoy working that shift because nobody is around in the office, it's quiet..it's just good...but it's every day.

So to combat that, trying to get a routine started, something similar to back home I guess.  Sunday is my catch up day - do laundry, that type of stuff.  I had planned on doing just that, and more (such as blogging ((I have three topics in my head I keep forgetting!))), but that wouldn't be the case.

Of course I get a call from work; we are going to clean out weapons in less than an hour.  This was about the time I was to start my laundry and hop in the shower.  So ultimately I missed lunch, didn't have time to blog, and cleaned a weapon that was already clean..

I did get my laundry done before work, and luckily I had some snacks in my room to hold me over before I was able to go for dinner later..and now here I am.

This wasn't the blog you were supposed to get, but it's the one you're gonna get.

"it's not the post they deserve, it's the post they need"

Friday, December 20, 2013


There's always
two sides...

to a story....

The Embassy wasn't as cracked up as the last post made it seem..well, maybe it was what happened....afterwards.

Everybody was fine, until after we left.  The lines "yo, I'm faded" were uttered as we walked back to the vehicle and the only two sober - because they were underage - were made the drivers.  Two car loads of drunken fools; my vehicle containing the less rowdy and more tame crowd as the other vehicle was all the officers...

We were quiet for most the way, almost ended up in Iraq because we missed our exit...the drunkest two were passed out, except faded man, who kept puking into his hoodie.  It was easy getting past the four checkpoints, though it did get close when the passenger made everyone sit up and look alive, telling faded guy to swallow it...he coughed up and i saw some chunks fly out..not a good moment.

The other guy didn't throw up until we were all the way back and parked, props to him on that...and as for me, i was feeling good.  Went in to finish the last hour of my shift, and headed home..which is where my night went awry...

I'm known for being an asshole, and in that loving characteristic is a quality you either love me or hate me for; telling it like it is.  As much as I do set records straight, fire from the hip, and being brutally honest..I do reserve quite a bit actually.

One sure fire way to get me to that point of no return, alcohol.  Alcohol is a social lubricant, works the same on me as it does any normal human being.  Alcohol helps me bridge that very small gap, where things reserved on the back-burner are pressed up in your face.

Being halfway across the world in an opposite time zone with limited communication abilities still was no match for what needed to be said.  I'll admit, it came out of the blue; something that was glossed over months before..but a heart can only endure so much beating.

It was never my intention for that night, and it's always sad to lose.  It just wasn't me that night.

"we coulda done big things together"


American Soil..
Foreign Beers..

the life in the day of a ....

Yesterday was a much anticipated day.  Though there was no real reason we were receiving the news, we were jut happy to hear it...we were going to the Embassy.  As far as I consider, any trip off base is a good one; whether it be embassy, mall, picking up people from the airport...it's just nice to get off of base.

This marks my second time in the month we've been here for us getting off base - not too shabby if you ask me.  This time, though, I had the unfortunate task of driving out there.  In all honesty, it wasn't too bad...maybe there were more people on the road the other time we went out..maybe it wasn't so bad because I was driving..maybe it wasn't as bad because the trip seemed shorter this time..or maybe it wasn't that bad because the initial shock and fear factor had passed with that first trip.  Whatever the case may be, there were only a couple close calls - mainly because I was following an American driver while I tried to drive like the natives (in a vehicle with shitty brakes).

The Embassy was not all that it was hyped up to be - though we didn't have too high of expectations, it didn't live up to the Oasis others made it out to be...perhaps an off night as suggested by those that frequent it..whatever the case it was American soil which meant one thing, booze.

I was happy to not be limited to only beer or wine, as they did have some liquor to choose from.  My evening started with a Captain & Coke, but switched to beer only because that was what was being bought for us; that and I ran out of KD (they didn't accept plastic).

We spent a few hours there, downed more than a few beverages, socialized, and we were home just in time for my shift to end...

"Sorry guys, game over..."

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Feminists are WHOREBLE



I hate a variety of things.  Some may say a lot of things, some may call me grumpy; whatever..I'm intelligent so a lot of shit pisses me off - ignorance is bliss.  I hate soccer, I hate vegans, but above all that, I hate feminists...

I'm sorry, let me get you to where I am...my blood is boiling over a review I just found and read on my Facebook feed.  It's from that extremely feminist website jezebel...which I had spent my entire life happy not knowing of its existence..so i read unknowing what I had got myself into.  Sure I saw the title "I Rewatched Love Actually and Am Here to Ruin It for All of You", and I thought they had something funny to say, or maybe they would pick at some minor flaws that I hoped to agree with (fucking Karl)...but no, this monstrosity of a review went over every plot, every character and just ripped it to feminist shreds.  

It is obvious the author has never been in love, knows what love is, and probably never was loved as a child, thus forming these anti-male feelings because she has daddy issues.  As much as it pained me, I read the entire, overly wordy/lengthy article, and only grew more and more hatred for this lady.

Who the fuck does she think she is?!  At first I had to double check the website as I thought it was a spoof site, like the Onion...but no, I was not being trolled, this was real life, these were someone's horrid views.  Mein Kampf was less disturbing of a read than this Feminist Centipede...

I love conspiracy theories, and pulling random shit of of books, movies, etc - I thank my highschool English teacher for allowing myself to get in touch with my inner troll...but this fucking article....this shit on my computer screen was by far the worst thing I've ever seen.

And it got me so riled up I started to say nonsensical that, I do not regret still.  I'll reiterate for you.  It's people who think like this that need to be eradicated from the Earth.  These, not even glorified to be called humans, are what kill a society; neglect it to grow, refuse it to evolve.  They are the ones that perpetuate this self-instilled hatred towards certain things.  These are psychopaths with appalling agendas that only do more harm than good.

These are the people we need to remove from society.  People that prolong this type of criticism are doing so to stay in business, to add fuel to the already burning fire...these ladles need to be removed.  My original comments were not so..nice, they were more along the lines of "it's bitches like this that need to die. I repeat, I do not regret saying these things...If the author was on fire and I had water, I'd skull fuck the remains and piss on the ashes....hell, I probably would have thrown gasoline on her as well...bitches like this are the worst thing in the world...she needs to die, people like her need to die.i would serve a life sentence for the things i would do to this bitch...and i'd be ok with it"

I still do not regret saying those things...and all the other things I rambled off while seeing red...it's only been minutes after all that commotion so it's a little hard to type when my fists are clenching so tightly.

Women like that deserve the title cunt...women like that deserve to die. I'm too angry to type now...I've worked myself into a tizzy...

The article, if you want to see what I'm talking about:

Friday, December 13, 2013

Damn, Blog


damn damn

I had a rant while I wa sat work, and now, I've got a blank...hmmmm.  Well, this is how bored I've gotten..to blogging while at work.   That's write, your tax dollars are hard at work.  Actually, this is good.  I'm able to do things like this, that I need.  So instead of some lame ass AA or chaplain talks and any other weird shit the military would fund..I've got this..so it works.

Moved into our rooms finally, and at first I thought it was a blessing, now, looking back on things I'm not so sure...as I awoke this morning at 10am.  Maybe my body is trying to catch up from the past 3 weeks of bullshit.

I work what i like to call the night shift, but they call it the midshift..whatever, my counterpart works from 7-15, and i work from 15-2300...well, actually 2400/0000/midnight..I work the extra hour because around 2000 I send one of the two embarkers to the gym (home) because they work 12 hour shifts and that's just stupid to me.  So every other day one they get to leave early...I have this luxury because my new promotion makes me the highest ranking person in the office after 1800, so they listen....bringing common sense to the military..I won't make it very far

So yeah, I just bite the bullet and stay for an extra hour to ensure two people are in the office at any given time...the poor shift that follows, midnight to noon does not have this opportunity.

Also trying to work out something where we can get a day off.  Say the first Sunday I work a split shift and my counterpart has off..the next Sunday the roles are reversed...just because the days are already blending together...it's not even been a month, and I know we haven't done any grueling labor...but every.single.day...man, that shit takes its toll on you.

This month of December will be in your face with bullshit posts just to get the numbers up..also dust off my fingers and make them work again, I apologize in advance for what is to come.

It may not be the best of times, but winds are blowing.

"wake me up, when september ends?"

Monday, December 09, 2013

Posty Posty



With all this extra time on my hands I really should be writing/posting....instead of watching and critiquing Snakes on a Plane.  Seriously though, I haven't slept much due to this time change..and as soon as I do pass out, I'm awoken by everybody's alarms going off over and over for the morning shift...then they wake up and start talking with that absolutely hideous southern accent..

If I wanted to listen to someone talk with shit in their mouths, I would just talk to....a dog.

God, it's like the proverbial nails on a chalkboard in my mind...shiver.  The slack-jawed yokels I work with..Idiots that get promoted with lower cutting scores than one should get promoted with...and here I am, squeaking by to the next rank with a cutting score that would get me to 2 ranks higher in their job...fuck.

Anyway..I've got a lot of catching up to do if I wish to not make this the least productive year for writing ever...

Ok, this is simple..it's just me mashing my fingers on the keys in a rhythmic fashion...I can do this..I can double time this shit..I'm recovering from a back injury, so I'm bed-ridden for a minute - no gym, and only work and eating..I can do this..

prepare your browsers, the double posts are coming...

"If I have one ragret in life, it's that i did not go see Snakes on a Plane in the theater"

Friday, November 29, 2013

For Lack of a Better Title..


i do..but shouldn't

I was at work..bored..and left to myself...the internet would only let me go to so many websites, and I had read every news article about people beating one another up for discounted deals moments after stuffing their faces full of turkey.  I went through emails..don't know why or how I landed on hers, but I did...I started at the beginning and read every one of those words, stinging like burning coal to my heart...

I looked at the pictures, and read more.  I wish I could be hooked up to machines and have doctors monitor my heart, the beats, my brainwaves, as I read your words.  And it's just your words..I skimmed over others' before I got to yours - probably because I knew the weight of all that has been said, and all that was done...probably because, when it comes down to it, I actually loved you.

I can sit here and wonder if you still think about me, like i think about you, now...and as much as I wish you did, even once a blue moon, I know the dark side to that eclipse.  So i just re-read the words that once were true, the words I need to hear so dearly through.  And even though I know my fate, there's no denying my heart will break.  I want to stop before that point where things went wrong, and stay there standing all life long.  I keep reading the words that end this note, sometimes wishing it was all you ever wrote.

"If you take anything away from this email.. just know I think about you often and believe it or not, I miss you at times"

Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Last of the US Posts


to a close...

It's been a hectic last couple weeks...days...hours even; but time is one thing I learned that you cannot stop...and as time keeps ticking forward, I find my fingers feverishly racing on the keyboard..trying to keep up with the movement of the spinning hands.

The entirety of the situation started to hit me a few days ago...i started to notice my movements slowing down, everything was slowing down..I wasn't in a hurry, my motions, my body, even my beating heart all started to slow down as afflicted by a tranquil drink.

the world moved fast, or as fast as it normally does, it was me that was different I suppose. I can't be expected to act like it's not, but it's hard to uphold that image when you're asked be every contact you meet.

Maybe that's why I said I was ok, because I didn't want to face the facts..and the sooner I accepted my fate, the longer I would have til it happened..more time for worry, more time for stress, more time for pain...and nobody needs that.

These hours waiting in the airport, these uncomfortable seats jarring the reality into your back, giving you nothing but time to think about the pain, of it all.

I haven't posted enough in 2013, though, I should have.

"insert obligatory leaving quote/music lyrics here"

Sunday, October 20, 2013

OK, Cool Dude, Thanks

the out,
of all outs

ever in a jam, just recite that phrase

It was March 31st in the turning millennium 2000, the infamous Pity Party was walking through the mean streets of downtown Chicago, just leaving the Art Museum, a staple for Chicago Tourists, we were approached by a pan-handler, as many there are in DTC.

We all did our part in dis-acknowledging the man, except one member...he mistakingly took the pamphlet and tried to carry on about his way.  You see, that's how they get you, force something into your hand, then expect a hand-me-out in return.  We were all the wiser and less sensitive by not sticking our hands out and grabbing the tri-fold paper for a dollar.

So as we tried to walk away, more importantly, as Hines tried to walk away, the 'homeless' man was in pursuit, trying to get something in return for a worthless sheet of paper.  As we walked the man kept talking, pestering...yet Hines was oblivious to this; and kept saying, "ok, cool dude, thanks" trying to blow him off....little did he know he broke the cardinal rule and took that paper, thinking it was free.

This went on for a few minutes, along the stretch of sidewalk, before the man started to get irate, his voice loudening to a point that all made us feel very uncomfortable.  Finally, I had enough of the situation, ripped that stupid piece of propagandist paper from Hines hands and returned it to the angry fellow, calling out to 'now go' to my vacuous comrades...and we did, all the way to the vehicles.

We mocked Hines for the longest time about his innocent, obliviousness to the situation, often calling out his now trademarked catch phrase "cool dude, thanks" at random times....but, over time we come to realize just how brilliant of a phrase that really was.

It's really a universal sentence, able to be utilized in various scenarios.  Whether oblivious, unwanted, or simple apathetic disdain, that phrase can be a life saver.

I think I've adopted the more asshole version of the phrase, of course.  When someone has pissed me off with their horrible lack of logic or understanding and keep pressing an issue, that phrase it uttered in such a sarcastic, disparaging tone...most of the time repeated during any pause of the logicless assailant's discourse.

Sure, it usually pisses that person off, but, you're not saying anything harmful..in fact, you're being polite (what with the thanks and all)..you're agreeing (ok)...it's the most innocent rebuttal possible, and most of the time the conversation ends there...victory being yours of course.

I forgot just how powerful the phrase was until I had to use it yesterday...may have lost an acquaintance in the process, but, it's whatever.

"its like he's a broken record"

Battle Royal

so much going on, i'm like, shutting down

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Political Battle

Pocket veto..

looks like this is a done deal

Oh the pocket veto; my favorite and most despised social tactic.  I am quite certain I've blogged about the pocket veto in past, and as much as I do not want to reiterate, it still stings every time it happens...enough to make me mention it.

And the other step, the over-correcting/over-compensating, that's a nice touch too.  When in doubt, sell it to everyone around you, right?  Hey, can't necessarily blame you for it though...

...i just wish things were different

But that's always the case...a wise poet once said you can't always get what you want..and its true, you can't always, but once in a blue moon would be nice too.

Given the circumstances it doesn't come as a surprise, heck, if something actually were to go my way I would be more confused.  And it's not that I am upset with the individual, more upset with the circumstances...actually, more upset with what i was becoming.

hopeless romantic.

I shudder to think of something like that returning...after all we've been through, after I thought it was killed off in the 6th sequel.  This isn't a Nightmare on Elm St movie...that monster can't keep coming back to life and haunting my reality.

On the plus side though, it did get me to write again, naturally - about the only good that can ever come from these situations.

Another battle, another loss..i'll just lay here a moment.

"no..it can't be....but...we killed that years ago?!"

Thursday, October 17, 2013



 to you

I'm probably one of the coldest, heartless, meanest assholes you'll ever meet; but then again, I'm not.  Sure I'm an ass 90% of the time (and I'm serious 5% of the time) but there's still that other 10% that makes me up that surely does feel like 90%,  most of the time.

As easily as I can toss people aside from my life, tell them to "fuck off and die", tell them goodbye forever, I just as easily can't forget most.  In fact, to anyone I've ever said those previous words to, odds are, I still remember and think about them...for they have made their impact on me, in some shape or form.

And yet to others, I feel as if they really do mean it when they say their goodbyes.  That the idea of me was just a lightswitch, and once it gets flicked to 'off' it, like the memories of me, vanish into nothingness.

I guess I don't know why I still hold onto memories, why I still care - maybe there is some underlying reason, maybe I never wanted to stop, but does that make me weak for caring, for not being able to want to forget?

Dante had his Beatrice, who says I can't too...

Through this thick facade I put up, this Great Wall of Repression, holds back a lot of feelings and emotions.  I was talking about needing to watch a sappy movie in order to get myself to cry so I could flush my eye out with whatever flew into it, and a friend replied, "The Jangus cries?"

Its true, more for some, most from....

I just will never understand, and here i write and erase a thousand times over, almost begrudgingly wanting to leave those five words...how can people do this to other people...there was no bad blood, no bad break, no resentment, no ill-will, it was understood...so why do we have to act like strangers now?  You can't tell me its for the better, you may lie to yourself, but don't lie to me..

I've already written this post, and I feel like I'll just repeat myself...

I guess I have nothing more to say

N-Who is this?"

Saturday, October 12, 2013

There's Two Type of People...

Those who pee in the shower..
..and liars

Seriously, let someone tell you otherwise...

Don't worry, this post is about the title, not anything subbed.    I've been noticing a lot of "there's two types of people" posts in relation to comments on the internet and it got me thinking in conjunction with current events.

There really are two types of people that you'll call when you are drunk; people you want to hook up with, and exes - then again, I just repeated myself.  

I'm having a serious lapse in memory, but I cannot recall a drunk dial to someone I either did not have relations with, or wanted to have relations with...maybe a prank dial, but even then, I'd have to really consult with some people asI don't think it ever happened.

Which makes me think about those who have ever drunk dialed me.  Of course once the tables are turned its hard for me to imagine the rules still applying the same.  Am I an ex, or could I be their desire?  Of course this questioning comes because I cannot remove my brain and think like a woman.

But maybe it is the same, let's just play with that notion for a moment.  So when I receive a drunk dial from a girl, with whom I've never dated, we will have to side on me being her (or one of her) desires...as drunken words are sober thoughts, I think the same would apply to phone calls here.  And when the conversation goes into the dialer questioning as to why they called, is it a sense of realization, that they are displaying - more profound only to themselves?  Could it be a sense of guilt, or regret, when those words are spoken, as now the truth has sloppily poked it's head from hiding for all to view.

So, do we just continue on as if nothing ever happened, or as if everything I just presented isn't true...that it doesn't mean anything, and once again (no matter how many people agree with me) I'm over analyzing things...

I guess all the facts in the world can't change anything - you're not going to change anyone's minds...guess there really two kinds of people in this world..

those who ignore the facts, and those who can't

"Everybody knows you love me baby, everybody knows you you really do"

My Book

one of many..
..that has been writing itself

If I wrote a book about the woman in my life it would go something like this:

Women of My Life, by Jason Angus

Chapter One


The End.

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up..of course there would have to be a footnote, or preface that said this doesn't apply to so and so, or whomever..butt hurt people....

Regardless, it's the one thing that gets me to write I guess....

"bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks..."

Monday, October 07, 2013

Too Many Titles

life imitating art..
or art imitating life

either way, i was right

Everything happens for a reason - whether you believe this statement or not, it's just an idea, and nothing more...it's a belief system made up to add value to our lives, to add significance in the daily mundane..it's something

it's something.

"wanna hear something ironic? I am stressing out because I can't find my worry doll"

Friday, October 04, 2013


not great..
the french version..

the one where it means everything sucks

I wrote a blog in my head last night...i was in such a mood I don't know what stopped my fingers from finding the keys.  Oh wait, probably school - though i didn't want to go -or maybe it was the packing i needed to do - lord only knows how i found the strength to do those things...and all without a nap or so much as a break in my entire day; which i would soon realize around 1130pm as a drugged feeling started to overcome my body and mind.

But regardless, i'm here now...where you ask..sitting in an airport...in indiana..because several of my plans, failed.   Yes, I over planned...I had 3 different scenarios to get me where i needed to go, and they all backfired.  Which makes me wonder, sitting here in an airport terminal for hours upon hours, leaching off the electricity or wifi, what makes it that I keep coming back...why do i return, if it's always a let down like this.

i'm stupid.  I expect things to get better, for people to learn, or mature, or grow, or something.  I expect not to be as let down in the past...i don't let the actions of the past dictate how i live my present...and maybe i'm wrong for that.

This ties into the feelings from yesterday, being taken advantage of and being let down.  You know, people wonder why I'm such a dick, an asshole, so mean, etc...it's because the times I do open up, lend the suit off my back, offer a helping hand to a friend - i'm left vulnerable, the suit gets torn to shreds, the hand gets slapped away..

that's just the way it is..

"things will never ever change"

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Playing the Game

by a player..

don't get mad at the player...

be mad at the game they say...always having their out, always going back to that as if it's some sort of justification for their lifestyle, their actions, their livelihoods.  But where does it end, for anyone..not just them, but those who 'love' them..all spiraling down, sucked into a nether region of shit....

Getting into the head of a player playing the game is an interesting concept..to see things through a woman's eyes is something I don't do well with...women are too unstable of creatures to even begin what a normal "woman" would do..then you want me to try and figure out what somer psychotic chick would do, or the reasoning for is?

I've been told before I should try and blog form a woman's perspective..I'd never be able to..woman are so fickle, so stupid, so..all-over the place..I could never get inside a woman's head..I never could..that's why all my past relationships have failed...because woman have a few extra chromosomes and I couldn't handle that.

I know I like to over analyze things, but..woman, they take the cake..and cake is a lie, so what am I left to do?

I wish I could write into some Kanye song, but as much of an asshole I am in real life, I still am no where near the level that nigga has on insightful art. What do you know?

I'm just drunk right now but this Kid is making me want to try and free my mind at night...

"you gotta get.dat. dirt off shoulder.."

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Well That's Interesting


you don't say anything

Ok, I got this..I can do this...put your fingers to the keys..now press...you can do it..just give it a go...goooood...feels good right? Now keep going..and never look back...

I have a four day weekend..all to myself..I haven't been alone in a long time..this is amazing..of course the first two days I spent being a bum - it didn't help matters that the it's been the hottest temperatures of the year..virtually making any activity (even going to the beach) impossible.

But I needed it..I needed to decompress, to re-center myself, to be one with myself...now I'm starting to sound all zen-like, far from it though.  I've been wanting to go to my happy place, I've been wanting to go off alone, be alone, yet not alone..I wanted to be with me.

I've been wanting to write for awhile (you're heard this too many times I almost didn't want to write it), and actually have some half-posts up somewhere..I just haven't been able to, for various reasons...but, that's then, here I am now...

Another little thing that has gotten my fingers going - besides everything going on in my head and around me - others have been writing, or talking about writing, or I've been surrounded by writers...I don't know, but it's enough motivation to get my ass in gear....that and I don't want to set a new all-time low with the amount of posts in one year..

Plus I tend to get a little stir crazy when I just sit at home..troll on the internet (my favorite pastime), and do other crazy things...example:

I love success stories, especially from my Facebook friends. It's so good to see them lose so much weight....with my help of course. You see, what I do is, start with their most recent picture, and click alllllll the way through to their oldest picture..it puts a smile on my face

So here I am, back in the


Sunday, July 07, 2013

Stupid Statements

the what
and the fuck

"I have a boyfriend", she interrupts with. 

"I have a bicycle" I quickly retort with, thinking we were naming off things that really didn't matter at the moment.   She looks at me in shock at my response, shocked at my total disregard of her situation, shocked I didn't crumble to her pity.  Her initial disgust is qualmed by her realization through my words, and she giggles.  We pick up right where we left off, with more intensity now that we had let the animals out.

What self-justification is warranted with the stating of such inane quantifiers? In other words, why do people say such stupid things.  Nine times out of ten, the other person is aware of your situation, so restating known facts is like telling me your name again. (which, usually isn't such a bad thing come to think of it..I tend to hear a name, then associate it with something/someone else, so within those four seconds of you saying your name and me repeating it, I already have a new name for you…) 

All in all, it's a redirection of guilt being pushed from one party to the other.  The real person at fault cannot take full responsibility for the situation and tries to pawn off the blame outward.  A lot of times the trick works.  With both feeling like accomplices, the ruffled scene takes a curtain call.  Sometimes, in more dramatic fashion, the main perpetrator seeks a reassurance of character, using shame as bait on the reverse-psychological lure.


Saturday, July 06, 2013

If You Could..

would you..
or would you change it?

If I could do it all over again, I would

Maybe a little bit differently..maybe take more advantage of certain situations, but generally speaking, yes is being my answer.  I randomly came across some post from early '05, and I didn't have to read through much to realize the life I coulda/shoulda/did have...

I may not have realized it then, but those were my golden years...sure I would stretch them out for more to come, evolving over time...becoming more cognizant of my surroundings..but those were then, and I came only (barely) remember what happened.  Yet, I loved it.

Everyone recants on the past better than it was..maybe this is the case as well..or maybe I was too naive to realize just what was going on.  They say hindsight is 20/20, hell Rod Stewart sang about it...

if only we could go back...good thing I wrote a little bit

"note to self...don't stop writing, only for you"

Saturday, June 08, 2013


Hey..I know we haven't seen each other or even talked in a real long time..but I've been doing a lot of thinking lately, and I want you to know that I miss you.  Not like a "I regret what happened" or even a "I want to see you again" sort of thing, just.."I miss you", then end.  

It's strange to think that someone I used to know so well is now a total stranger..that sometimes I go entire days without even thinking of you even a little…Most of the time I let myself forget, because it's easier…But then I find something..an old letter, or picture you drew, slipped into a book I haven't read in ages..and the full weight of what's been lost comes crashing down on me.  

But again, this isn't regret…we had reasons for ending it, and they're valid as ever…but back at the start, we didn't need reasons for anything.  It all just happened.  

We didn't have common interests, or similar goals…sometimes we didn't get along that well…But we didn't need a reason to fall in love.  We just did.  The reasons came at the end, and everything that's happened since has been all about reasons.  And that's good.  It means one day I might find someone I won't have to say goodbye to.  But a part of me misses just loving someone, and knowing they love me back, and that's all.  

I guess what I am saying is, I hope things are good with you.  I hope everything is great.  I hope you found a love that's all the things ours couldn't be.  And I hope I find that too.  But a small part of me, buried somewhere deep inside, hopes that you still remember what it was like before all the reasons…and that you miss me, too.

"Do you want to save changes? *click* Don't save"

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Gary's at it Again

This time..
it's retarded

Four years ago I lost my best friend to cancer...and as time would circle round again, I'm losing another friend because he is a cancer.

Maybe this time of the year is a bad time for me...like november, but not like november...november is more of a seasonal depression; this is more like bad luck kind of thing.  I messed up my ankle last year, which I'm still recovering from, and now I'm dealing with something else that's tearing.

My buddy Gary moved out to cali when I made my trip to get all my stuff out here.  It's been a dream of his to move to 'the promised land' - I've never quite been sure exactly what he expected would happen when he moved out here, somehow everything would just fall into his lap, life would work itself out, he'd become a rockstar...I only say these absurd things because, well, that's how he acted.

His first month and some change he did not have a job; however that did not halt his spending.  He treated his move out to the coast like a vacation.  Living it up, going out, spending money everywhere...except for where it mattered most, rent.  He bought wetsuits, body boards, this that and the other...it wasn't until I got back from SF in October that he finally had a job...though the first payment wouldn't come for another month later.

I realized he couldn't live his lavish lifestyle well before he ever did, and he probably still doesn't...so I made adjustments in what I did.  I didn't go out as much, wouldn't ask him to tag along, canceled a trip out to Vegas to see Lacey Chabert on her birthday..all because I wanted him to be responsible.

I was hoping this move would be a chance for him to put his big boy pants on, to grow the fuck up, if only just a little bit - heck, I'll be the first to say I don't want to grow up, yet, I can be a responsible adult as well.  I was wrong.

He didn't learn any lesson.  Even after a conversation I had with him in December about how he should alter his spending - though I wouldn't tell him how to live his life, I just wanted him to be more conscious of his actions.  I tried to stress the difference between 'wants' and 'needs'.  I stated facts, facts that would drive a normal person insane.  Example: though not being able to cover the full amount of rent, he would use his money to pay for private volleyball lessons. Or, to pay for tanning sessions...while living in Southern California...I cannot make this shit up..and the more I say/type it..the more I laugh, yet the angrier I get.

At that time I thought the problems were solved, that my words would be a beacon of light, inspiring...I'm a damn fool. Whether I wanted to believe anything I said made a difference or the fact I wanted it to make a difference so badly I turned an ignorant eye..it didn't matter.  Things still happened behind my back, without my knowledge, yet rent in full was never met.

At the beginning of the year I decided a new tactic, I would write on the dry erase board the dollar amount he owed.  At the time I want to say it was somewhere around $3700...and growing every month.  He was shocked to see the debt so high, and again, I thought my plan had worked..but...well, you know by now.

He still decides to make a trip back home that January - a trip that costs double the amount as one isn't working yet spending money one doesn't have...but after that things pick up, they start to get better..then, April comes.  His parents planned a trip out at the beginning of the month, and despite their insistance they he not take any time off that he wouldn't normally have, he takes the entire trip off.  Not two weeks later he takes four days off to go to a wedding in Vegas.

Call it coincidence, or random circumstance, but issues arise with management at the complex we are living in.  Basically, the guard staff have some vendetta against us, and only ticket those living in our unit for any random thing; yet others can do the same and get away with it.  Tensions rise and the owner of the unit feels so bad that she allows us to break the lease if we want to.  We're fed up and start looking for new places..somewhere else, somewhere cheaper, more inland, but cutting the costs almost in half.  Gary's onboard, in fact he takes time out during the week to go scout out a few places....this is all taking place this week in fact.

I'm thinking everything is going well, not looking forward to moving as I just finally got settled in, but hey, rent is going to be cheaper, and Gary will be able to not only pay that but pay back the debt..alright!

Then Friday, just days after looking at new places mind you, Gary comes home from work about the same time I do and has a smile on his face.  He says Restaurant O has hired him - I'm thinking, ok great, that was simple - but the following words don't make sense to me...everything after is a jumbled mess as I try to pick up the pieces of my now blown apart mind...the Restaurant O he mentioned, which I thought he was speaking about the one in SD, rather, was the one in Indy...and he's leaving in a fortnight.

So now with a $5100 debt to me, he's bouncing.  Not only that, but I'm going to have to figure out where to live, on my own now..and Cali isn't too conducive for single renters..so instead of half the rent I was paying, I will not be paying twice that amount..oh, and I better figure it out quickly as May is impacting in three days.

I can't go into the details any further as this causing enough eyebrows to raise, but that's the situation I'm in.  Stressed from work hounding me about shit I don't care about...stressed about getting my final projects finished for my classes...stressed from the douchebag guards and all the citations we are getting...stressed about my financial situation..as I'm $5100 owed from Gary..and all that has caused me to do is max out my CCs, deplete my savings, kill my credit score that i've worked so hard to get up since my bankruptcy..all because I was covering for some low-life who couldn't wake the fuck up.

I'm still in shock over the whole mess..it comes to me in waves...just how simple it was for him to turn his back on me..to jump at the first chance he could get..how he took advantage of the situation..how he used me...to get out here, and to stay out here for as long as he did..i don't think he will ever realize anything he's done wrong..i'm sure he'll say he's sorry...but i don't think he'll ever understand why.

I'm sorry that this post was so long..obviously is a lot longer than the time spent in Gary making a decision to leave.

"Selfish, ungrateful, incredulous, disrespectful, inconsiderate..."

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Goodbyes Are Hard to Come, Bye

Where're you goin' so quickly?
you seemed to have left some things behind
I guess nothin' that important, really
you just forgot to say-y goodbye

i understand you gotta go now, baby
plans - you've got yours, and me mine
but as you leave, you've gotta be able, to see
that i'm standing on the side waiting on goodbye

i do this for love, not to impose
so if we meet again, that'd be fine
but at this time i know we musta close
just give me that goodbye

before you go and do what you gotta do
there's one thing i must ask of you
please don't run away and hide
just take a second to say a goodbye

you don't have to write
you don't even have to call
but don't leave me here
with nothing at all

i don't care if this means the end, i won't dwell
all i'm askin' for is give me that farewell.

"oh, but don't forget to close the door when you leave. And like my heart toss aside that extra key. cuz i'm stopping that used convenience in me"

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Happy Anniversary

of sorts...

alleged rape-aversary that is...

It was just one year ago that the unthinkable happened; an event so outrageous it would change the course of my life from that point forward.  Where I thought the actual events would lead to bigger and better things, another's fictitious events would take me down a harrowing road.

Of course I am talking about the alleged rape case.  "Oh, you can talk about it now?!" you may be finding yourself asking..truth is, I'm not sure.  With the one year anniversary being the 18th-19th of March, and my recent news from the Oceanside PD, I'd say I can..

I mean why not, the DNA results (finally) came back...and just what were those results...everything we already knew.  My DNA was not to be found on any, ANY of the evidence/items the liar accuser brought forth.

go figure.

I got these results only because I made phone calls after not hearing anything for months..annoying.

But, we are only half-way free I guess.  Yes, there was no DNA found, but the lab tests on the water bottle are still unknown...apparently it got sent out to a different lab, and who knows when they'll have their report.  But as the detective said, from the looks of everything, unless something absolutely crazy comes back from that water bottle, the case will be closed.

Of course I did inform the detective of the "sister" water bottle I have in my possession as well.  He said that was good to hold onto in the meantime.

So I celebrated today with what will be a tradition from last year forth - get a Shamrock shake at some point in the day..finish it off with Denny's...drink some arrowhead water..and not rape anyone.

I leave you with these two memes created awhile ago for me...


Sunday, March 10, 2013

I See You, Baby

shaking that ass...
shaking that ass, shaking that

Alright, now don't touch me...

It's amusing, really, how synched up we are.  I tend to distance myself from certain things, but, naturally, like moth to a flame, or, in this case a sailor to a Siren  I find my way back to you.

I haven't been blogging as much as I should, or would like, or should really; but it's a marvelous thing.  We both know how fickle my time with this blog is, and it's just a matter of time before I catch my second wind and start pounding on these keys to make something appear.  I want that to happen, and apparently, so do you.

I don't want to scare you away..it's ok, really.  I'm flattered...it's nice to know you're still keeping tabs on me.  Maybe it's to see if I've posted an "incriminating evidence" or gather things for the case file against me or whatever; but I'd like to think positively, I'd like to think it's because you miss me...and you know deep down somewhere inside of you, you know the truth....that your claims are all false...a mistake...some horrible nightmare created, but definitely not holding any bit of truth.

And to anyone else reading this and wondering or questioning...sure, this is a long shot as I'm sure there are plenty of those a that certain university...and maybe a select few that would know of this blog..but I'm fairly certain I can narrow it down to one person.

So, if my destructive reasoning is correct, let me put this out there.  Could you please contact me.  It's almost been a year now since...whatever...we saw each other...obviously you're looking, and you know that I can see that, so nothing has stopped you from doing so...soooo, just contact me, talk to me.  As messed up as the situation is, I still, for whatever reason, care about you and your well being.  Maybe you're too afraid to contact me over the phone, whatever..I can see you reading, and we both know what that means.  I'm trying to reach out to you...i'm trying to get an understanding for all this.

Basically, I am in a Mrs Haversham state of confusion left on a high from the time we spent together, believing that everything would turn around for the better..and then being jolted out of the fairytale to this "real world" that was actually a nightmare.

I didn't do anything wrong. I swear.

"As the Rolling Stones would say, just Call me"

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Looking Back

On the year..
on the bad..

on everything

This belated look back is similar to that of the reflection in a murky puddle of mud.  I normally do my year in review (year end review*) at, well, the end of the year; but as I have mentioned earlier, that never happened.  I figure with the rape-aversary date rapidly approaching, now would be as good of time as any to kick it off.

2012 was one of those years you'll look back on much later in life and say, "man, that year brought me down to my lowest point..but I overcame and made it to here" and you'd point to whatever place you were standing as some sort of vague implication on what you were actually talking about.  But as those wounds are still pussing, it's a little more difficult to do anything but laugh at just how fucked up last year really was.

If I recall correctly, I started off the New Year by airing my grievances, all at the mispleasure of bringing about the 2008 jangus.  Later that month a girl came back into my life for the umteenth time, and like Rihanna to Chris Brown, I supported it.  This would prove to again be a series of ups and downs, back and forth like a see-saw we found ourselves finding each other, yet "needing" to separate ourselves as well.

As the new month arrived that relationship kicked into overdrive and (I thought) things were moving in the right direction.  Time spent over the Valentine's holiday was doubly meaningful as it was to be my last days before going over to Korea for a month.  And things started off great until day two, when that relationship, much like my presence in the states, went away.

Just shy of a month spent in Korea, despite the sadness I was facing, was quite a good experience for me.  In short, it was existential and I enjoyed it - I also got a lot of writing accomplished as well, not just blogging, but a note everyday to the one who ran away.

My trip was cut just short of a month and I found myself in the states for St Patrick's day..and what was to come was, and still is, unthinkable.  I won't, and probably can't, go into too much detail about what happened - that matter was actually a full blog that I started to write then erased because it angered me so much.  But what happened was, said previous girl and I got back together as we both longed for one-another...she spent the night..I thought that would be the turning point in our relationship, little did I know it would be, just not in the direction I was aiming for..she, and I quote, had never been more comfortable in her life than laying next to me in my bed, end quote...the next day would be the last time I saw her again.

Fast forward to the weekend of my birthday, hear back from girl - it has been two weeks now - and there's a "pregnancy scare", I quote that because actually it was a device used to try and entrap me on grounds of..rape.
I'll give you a moment..
So I spent time being interrogated by detectives, and having to explain to my chain of command just what in the eff was going on.  That same week I do my first interview with Big Brothers Big Sisters..two weeks pass and another love of mine finds a way to break me, again. This time it was on the basketball court, and the break was actually the ligaments in my ankle.  The lack of professional medical help provided by the military only made things worse.  Pain killers coupled with my world crashing in around me proved to be a horrible combination..and in fear of doing something stupid, I fought through the pain and flushed the meds down the drain.

The next months I spent recovering, which put a hold on moving my stuff out here from Indy.  I went to a lot of rehab, and pushed myself to workout and keep on top of things, striving to get back to where I was before.  I really don't recall the summer months all that well; Gary made an appearance during the fourth of july-causing me to skip my traditional chicago plans and stay in SoCal.  Another friend came out a month later, causing such a drunken ruckus it caused my PS3 controller to split into many pieces...and that's the fun version of that story.

August came around and I found myself moving into a new place, closer to work and right on the beach.  Which was also the time I made a trip back out to the midwest to pack it all up and turn my back on that place, for the final time.  The trip was a nice vacation away from everything, work and so forth - even if I did do 28 of the 30 hours of straight driving through.  But that week proved to be a very interesting week.  

I'm not even sure if you could call it an old flame, but sparks definitely did ignite with a missed connection of sorts; which naturally complicated things for both of us.  And shortly after that, another past lover decided to make a big, marching band required, appearance into my life as well.  In fact, most of the drive back I spent texting and talking to said person.  This too proved to be complicated with the nature of conversations and pictures sent.

But like all good things, these too would come to an end..first with the former lover calling it quits on both her boyfriend at the time, and me.  Then after my two week 'hiatus' for Fleet Week in SF, the missed connection solidified as to why it wasn't to be either.

With being shat on enough in 2012, I made the bold statement to the oncoming month of November to "do your worst", feeling as if I had endured enough, there was nothing November could do that I could not overcome...I now have a regret in life.  

With everything now in my possession, under one roof, I was getting settled in. One item in particular I was excited about was my external harddrive. Finally, I thought, the constant worry in the back of my mind about backing up my data will be relieved! Oh how horribly fallacious I was to provoke November.  In the very process of backing up my data, everything went wrong.  The laptop's hd had a mechanical failure...and the external hd had a data corruption.  Everything was lost...even to this very day, after sending it to place after place to attempt to salvage the data. No such luck.

That was the nail in the coffin, that was the final straw, that, was the death of me.

Everything after that point was, and is, a blur.  Things happened...things continue to happen.  Michigan ended up losing to OSU, I ruined something because of my stubbornness, I ruined something else because of my vacuousness, and I'm fighting more battles than I need to be right now.

Still no results from my DNA sample, so the accusations are still on the table...all my pictures up to November of last year are gone, my ankle has gotten better, but still isn't 100%, and there always seems to be that one person on my mind.

just the quick recap of the worst year of my life, that is all.

"i have nothing to say i haven't already said"