Sunday, February 10, 2013


I lost,

four syllables

I don't write on desktops.  No, spur of the moment writing is nothing that can be conformed to fit a reserved area of space.  My laptop is back up and running, kind of.  Sure it's the same laptop as before (though the keyboard and other oddities are gonna take some time getting used to) but the difference is, everything.  I lost everything.

I am referring to the harddrive that used to be in this machine..the one that so timely decided to fry up in the middle of me backing up the darn thing..destroying not only itself, but the harddrive it was backing up to.  I suppose it gained a little bit of me over the years and decided to go out like I would.

After trying several different companies to retrieve any bit of information from the fallen drive, all attempts came up null.  Pictures, documents, anything and everything from the past 4 years has been erased, as if it never happened.

Looking back, I asked November to do it's worst last year, it succeeded.

So that combined with not liking to write at my new desktop, still hating this horrible format change, and being completely busy are all reasons enough as to why I haven't wrote in so long.  Now don't get me wrong, there were times I came ever so close to banging on the keys, but obviously nothing came of that.

No classic year in review, no meaningless updates, nothing...not until the second week of the second month..ashamed I am.  Well, maybe I'll get my act together here..who knows..granted I'm even busier what with classes and so forth, but, I'll make due, I owe you that much.

stay positively tuned.

"Every end is a new beginning"

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