Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Goodbyes Are Hard to Come, Bye

Where're you goin' so quickly?
you seemed to have left some things behind
I guess nothin' that important, really
you just forgot to say-y goodbye

i understand you gotta go now, baby
plans - you've got yours, and me mine
but as you leave, you've gotta be able, to see
that i'm standing on the side waiting on goodbye

i do this for love, not to impose
so if we meet again, that'd be fine
but at this time i know we musta close
just give me that goodbye

before you go and do what you gotta do
there's one thing i must ask of you
please don't run away and hide
just take a second to say a goodbye

you don't have to write
you don't even have to call
but don't leave me here
with nothing at all

i don't care if this means the end, i won't dwell
all i'm askin' for is give me that farewell.

"oh, but don't forget to close the door when you leave. And like my heart toss aside that extra key. cuz i'm stopping that used convenience in me"

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