Saturday, August 31, 2013

Well That's Interesting


you don't say anything

Ok, I got this..I can do this...put your fingers to the can do it..just give it a go...goooood...feels good right? Now keep going..and never look back...

I have a four day weekend..all to myself..I haven't been alone in a long time..this is amazing..of course the first two days I spent being a bum - it didn't help matters that the it's been the hottest temperatures of the year..virtually making any activity (even going to the beach) impossible.

But I needed it..I needed to decompress, to re-center myself, to be one with I'm starting to sound all zen-like, far from it though.  I've been wanting to go to my happy place, I've been wanting to go off alone, be alone, yet not alone..I wanted to be with me.

I've been wanting to write for awhile (you're heard this too many times I almost didn't want to write it), and actually have some half-posts up somewhere..I just haven't been able to, for various reasons...but, that's then, here I am now...

Another little thing that has gotten my fingers going - besides everything going on in my head and around me - others have been writing, or talking about writing, or I've been surrounded by writers...I don't know, but it's enough motivation to get my ass in gear....that and I don't want to set a new all-time low with the amount of posts in one year..

Plus I tend to get a little stir crazy when I just sit at home..troll on the internet (my favorite pastime), and do other crazy things...example:

I love success stories, especially from my Facebook friends. It's so good to see them lose so much weight....with my help of course. You see, what I do is, start with their most recent picture, and click alllllll the way through to their oldest puts a smile on my face

So here I am, back in the


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