Sunday, September 15, 2013

Playing the Game

by a player..

don't get mad at the player...

be mad at the game they say...always having their out, always going back to that as if it's some sort of justification for their lifestyle, their actions, their livelihoods.  But where does it end, for anyone..not just them, but those who 'love' them..all spiraling down, sucked into a nether region of shit....

Getting into the head of a player playing the game is an interesting see things through a woman's eyes is something I don't do well with...women are too unstable of creatures to even begin what a normal "woman" would do..then you want me to try and figure out what somer psychotic chick would do, or the reasoning for is?

I've been told before I should try and blog form a woman's perspective..I'd never be able to..woman are so fickle, so stupid, so..all-over the place..I could never get inside a woman's head..I never could..that's why all my past relationships have failed...because woman have a few extra chromosomes and I couldn't handle that.

I know I like to over analyze things, but..woman, they take the cake..and cake is a lie, so what am I left to do?

I wish I could write into some Kanye song, but as much of an asshole I am in real life, I still am no where near the level that nigga has on insightful art. What do you know?

I'm just drunk right now but this Kid is making me want to try and free my mind at night...

"you gotta get.dat. dirt off shoulder.."

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