Sunday, October 20, 2013

OK, Cool Dude, Thanks

the out,
of all outs

ever in a jam, just recite that phrase

It was March 31st in the turning millennium 2000, the infamous Pity Party was walking through the mean streets of downtown Chicago, just leaving the Art Museum, a staple for Chicago Tourists, we were approached by a pan-handler, as many there are in DTC.

We all did our part in dis-acknowledging the man, except one member...he mistakingly took the pamphlet and tried to carry on about his way.  You see, that's how they get you, force something into your hand, then expect a hand-me-out in return.  We were all the wiser and less sensitive by not sticking our hands out and grabbing the tri-fold paper for a dollar.

So as we tried to walk away, more importantly, as Hines tried to walk away, the 'homeless' man was in pursuit, trying to get something in return for a worthless sheet of paper.  As we walked the man kept talking, pestering...yet Hines was oblivious to this; and kept saying, "ok, cool dude, thanks" trying to blow him off....little did he know he broke the cardinal rule and took that paper, thinking it was free.

This went on for a few minutes, along the stretch of sidewalk, before the man started to get irate, his voice loudening to a point that all made us feel very uncomfortable.  Finally, I had enough of the situation, ripped that stupid piece of propagandist paper from Hines hands and returned it to the angry fellow, calling out to 'now go' to my vacuous comrades...and we did, all the way to the vehicles.

We mocked Hines for the longest time about his innocent, obliviousness to the situation, often calling out his now trademarked catch phrase "cool dude, thanks" at random times....but, over time we come to realize just how brilliant of a phrase that really was.

It's really a universal sentence, able to be utilized in various scenarios.  Whether oblivious, unwanted, or simple apathetic disdain, that phrase can be a life saver.

I think I've adopted the more asshole version of the phrase, of course.  When someone has pissed me off with their horrible lack of logic or understanding and keep pressing an issue, that phrase it uttered in such a sarcastic, disparaging tone...most of the time repeated during any pause of the logicless assailant's discourse.

Sure, it usually pisses that person off, but, you're not saying anything fact, you're being polite (what with the thanks and all)'re agreeing (ok)'s the most innocent rebuttal possible, and most of the time the conversation ends there...victory being yours of course.

I forgot just how powerful the phrase was until I had to use it yesterday...may have lost an acquaintance in the process, but, it's whatever.

"its like he's a broken record"

Battle Royal

so much going on, i'm like, shutting down

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Political Battle

Pocket veto..

looks like this is a done deal

Oh the pocket veto; my favorite and most despised social tactic.  I am quite certain I've blogged about the pocket veto in past, and as much as I do not want to reiterate, it still stings every time it happens...enough to make me mention it.

And the other step, the over-correcting/over-compensating, that's a nice touch too.  When in doubt, sell it to everyone around you, right?  Hey, can't necessarily blame you for it though...

...i just wish things were different

But that's always the case...a wise poet once said you can't always get what you want..and its true, you can't always, but once in a blue moon would be nice too.

Given the circumstances it doesn't come as a surprise, heck, if something actually were to go my way I would be more confused.  And it's not that I am upset with the individual, more upset with the circumstances...actually, more upset with what i was becoming.

hopeless romantic.

I shudder to think of something like that returning...after all we've been through, after I thought it was killed off in the 6th sequel.  This isn't a Nightmare on Elm St movie...that monster can't keep coming back to life and haunting my reality.

On the plus side though, it did get me to write again, naturally - about the only good that can ever come from these situations.

Another battle, another loss..i'll just lay here a moment.

" can't be....but...we killed that years ago?!"

Thursday, October 17, 2013



 to you

I'm probably one of the coldest, heartless, meanest assholes you'll ever meet; but then again, I'm not.  Sure I'm an ass 90% of the time (and I'm serious 5% of the time) but there's still that other 10% that makes me up that surely does feel like 90%,  most of the time.

As easily as I can toss people aside from my life, tell them to "fuck off and die", tell them goodbye forever, I just as easily can't forget most.  In fact, to anyone I've ever said those previous words to, odds are, I still remember and think about them...for they have made their impact on me, in some shape or form.

And yet to others, I feel as if they really do mean it when they say their goodbyes.  That the idea of me was just a lightswitch, and once it gets flicked to 'off' it, like the memories of me, vanish into nothingness.

I guess I don't know why I still hold onto memories, why I still care - maybe there is some underlying reason, maybe I never wanted to stop, but does that make me weak for caring, for not being able to want to forget?

Dante had his Beatrice, who says I can't too...

Through this thick facade I put up, this Great Wall of Repression, holds back a lot of feelings and emotions.  I was talking about needing to watch a sappy movie in order to get myself to cry so I could flush my eye out with whatever flew into it, and a friend replied, "The Jangus cries?"

Its true, more for some, most from....

I just will never understand, and here i write and erase a thousand times over, almost begrudgingly wanting to leave those five can people do this to other people...there was no bad blood, no bad break, no resentment, no ill-will, it was why do we have to act like strangers now?  You can't tell me its for the better, you may lie to yourself, but don't lie to me..

I've already written this post, and I feel like I'll just repeat myself...

I guess I have nothing more to say

N-Who is this?"

Saturday, October 12, 2013

There's Two Type of People...

Those who pee in the shower..
..and liars

Seriously, let someone tell you otherwise...

Don't worry, this post is about the title, not anything subbed.    I've been noticing a lot of "there's two types of people" posts in relation to comments on the internet and it got me thinking in conjunction with current events.

There really are two types of people that you'll call when you are drunk; people you want to hook up with, and exes - then again, I just repeated myself.  

I'm having a serious lapse in memory, but I cannot recall a drunk dial to someone I either did not have relations with, or wanted to have relations with...maybe a prank dial, but even then, I'd have to really consult with some people asI don't think it ever happened.

Which makes me think about those who have ever drunk dialed me.  Of course once the tables are turned its hard for me to imagine the rules still applying the same.  Am I an ex, or could I be their desire?  Of course this questioning comes because I cannot remove my brain and think like a woman.

But maybe it is the same, let's just play with that notion for a moment.  So when I receive a drunk dial from a girl, with whom I've never dated, we will have to side on me being her (or one of her) drunken words are sober thoughts, I think the same would apply to phone calls here.  And when the conversation goes into the dialer questioning as to why they called, is it a sense of realization, that they are displaying - more profound only to themselves?  Could it be a sense of guilt, or regret, when those words are spoken, as now the truth has sloppily poked it's head from hiding for all to view.

So, do we just continue on as if nothing ever happened, or as if everything I just presented isn't true...that it doesn't mean anything, and once again (no matter how many people agree with me) I'm over analyzing things...

I guess all the facts in the world can't change anything - you're not going to change anyone's minds...guess there really two kinds of people in this world..

those who ignore the facts, and those who can't

"Everybody knows you love me baby, everybody knows you you really do"

My Book

one of many..
..that has been writing itself

If I wrote a book about the woman in my life it would go something like this:

Women of My Life, by Jason Angus

Chapter One


The End.

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up..of course there would have to be a footnote, or preface that said this doesn't apply to so and so, or whomever..butt hurt people....

Regardless, it's the one thing that gets me to write I guess....

"bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks..."

Monday, October 07, 2013

Too Many Titles

life imitating art..
or art imitating life

either way, i was right

Everything happens for a reason - whether you believe this statement or not, it's just an idea, and nothing's a belief system made up to add value to our lives, to add significance in the daily's something

it's something.

"wanna hear something ironic? I am stressing out because I can't find my worry doll"

Friday, October 04, 2013


not great..
the french version..

the one where it means everything sucks

I wrote a blog in my head last night...i was in such a mood I don't know what stopped my fingers from finding the keys.  Oh wait, probably school - though i didn't want to go -or maybe it was the packing i needed to do - lord only knows how i found the strength to do those things...and all without a nap or so much as a break in my entire day; which i would soon realize around 1130pm as a drugged feeling started to overcome my body and mind.

But regardless, i'm here now...where you ask..sitting in an indiana..because several of my plans, failed.   Yes, I over planned...I had 3 different scenarios to get me where i needed to go, and they all backfired.  Which makes me wonder, sitting here in an airport terminal for hours upon hours, leaching off the electricity or wifi, what makes it that I keep coming back...why do i return, if it's always a let down like this.

i'm stupid.  I expect things to get better, for people to learn, or mature, or grow, or something.  I expect not to be as let down in the past...i don't let the actions of the past dictate how i live my present...and maybe i'm wrong for that.

This ties into the feelings from yesterday, being taken advantage of and being let down.  You know, people wonder why I'm such a dick, an asshole, so mean,'s because the times I do open up, lend the suit off my back, offer a helping hand to a friend - i'm left vulnerable, the suit gets torn to shreds, the hand gets slapped away..

that's just the way it is..

"things will never ever change"