Sunday, October 20, 2013

OK, Cool Dude, Thanks

the out,
of all outs

ever in a jam, just recite that phrase

It was March 31st in the turning millennium 2000, the infamous Pity Party was walking through the mean streets of downtown Chicago, just leaving the Art Museum, a staple for Chicago Tourists, we were approached by a pan-handler, as many there are in DTC.

We all did our part in dis-acknowledging the man, except one member...he mistakingly took the pamphlet and tried to carry on about his way.  You see, that's how they get you, force something into your hand, then expect a hand-me-out in return.  We were all the wiser and less sensitive by not sticking our hands out and grabbing the tri-fold paper for a dollar.

So as we tried to walk away, more importantly, as Hines tried to walk away, the 'homeless' man was in pursuit, trying to get something in return for a worthless sheet of paper.  As we walked the man kept talking, pestering...yet Hines was oblivious to this; and kept saying, "ok, cool dude, thanks" trying to blow him off....little did he know he broke the cardinal rule and took that paper, thinking it was free.

This went on for a few minutes, along the stretch of sidewalk, before the man started to get irate, his voice loudening to a point that all made us feel very uncomfortable.  Finally, I had enough of the situation, ripped that stupid piece of propagandist paper from Hines hands and returned it to the angry fellow, calling out to 'now go' to my vacuous comrades...and we did, all the way to the vehicles.

We mocked Hines for the longest time about his innocent, obliviousness to the situation, often calling out his now trademarked catch phrase "cool dude, thanks" at random times....but, over time we come to realize just how brilliant of a phrase that really was.

It's really a universal sentence, able to be utilized in various scenarios.  Whether oblivious, unwanted, or simple apathetic disdain, that phrase can be a life saver.

I think I've adopted the more asshole version of the phrase, of course.  When someone has pissed me off with their horrible lack of logic or understanding and keep pressing an issue, that phrase it uttered in such a sarcastic, disparaging tone...most of the time repeated during any pause of the logicless assailant's discourse.

Sure, it usually pisses that person off, but, you're not saying anything fact, you're being polite (what with the thanks and all)'re agreeing (ok)'s the most innocent rebuttal possible, and most of the time the conversation ends there...victory being yours of course.

I forgot just how powerful the phrase was until I had to use it yesterday...may have lost an acquaintance in the process, but, it's whatever.

"its like he's a broken record"

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