Saturday, October 19, 2013

Political Battle

Pocket veto..

looks like this is a done deal

Oh the pocket veto; my favorite and most despised social tactic.  I am quite certain I've blogged about the pocket veto in past, and as much as I do not want to reiterate, it still stings every time it happens...enough to make me mention it.

And the other step, the over-correcting/over-compensating, that's a nice touch too.  When in doubt, sell it to everyone around you, right?  Hey, can't necessarily blame you for it though...

...i just wish things were different

But that's always the case...a wise poet once said you can't always get what you want..and its true, you can't always, but once in a blue moon would be nice too.

Given the circumstances it doesn't come as a surprise, heck, if something actually were to go my way I would be more confused.  And it's not that I am upset with the individual, more upset with the circumstances...actually, more upset with what i was becoming.

hopeless romantic.

I shudder to think of something like that returning...after all we've been through, after I thought it was killed off in the 6th sequel.  This isn't a Nightmare on Elm St movie...that monster can't keep coming back to life and haunting my reality.

On the plus side though, it did get me to write again, naturally - about the only good that can ever come from these situations.

Another battle, another loss..i'll just lay here a moment.

" can't be....but...we killed that years ago?!"

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