Saturday, October 12, 2013

There's Two Type of People...

Those who pee in the shower..
..and liars

Seriously, let someone tell you otherwise...

Don't worry, this post is about the title, not anything subbed.    I've been noticing a lot of "there's two types of people" posts in relation to comments on the internet and it got me thinking in conjunction with current events.

There really are two types of people that you'll call when you are drunk; people you want to hook up with, and exes - then again, I just repeated myself.  

I'm having a serious lapse in memory, but I cannot recall a drunk dial to someone I either did not have relations with, or wanted to have relations with...maybe a prank dial, but even then, I'd have to really consult with some people asI don't think it ever happened.

Which makes me think about those who have ever drunk dialed me.  Of course once the tables are turned its hard for me to imagine the rules still applying the same.  Am I an ex, or could I be their desire?  Of course this questioning comes because I cannot remove my brain and think like a woman.

But maybe it is the same, let's just play with that notion for a moment.  So when I receive a drunk dial from a girl, with whom I've never dated, we will have to side on me being her (or one of her) drunken words are sober thoughts, I think the same would apply to phone calls here.  And when the conversation goes into the dialer questioning as to why they called, is it a sense of realization, that they are displaying - more profound only to themselves?  Could it be a sense of guilt, or regret, when those words are spoken, as now the truth has sloppily poked it's head from hiding for all to view.

So, do we just continue on as if nothing ever happened, or as if everything I just presented isn't true...that it doesn't mean anything, and once again (no matter how many people agree with me) I'm over analyzing things...

I guess all the facts in the world can't change anything - you're not going to change anyone's minds...guess there really two kinds of people in this world..

those who ignore the facts, and those who can't

"Everybody knows you love me baby, everybody knows you you really do"

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