Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Last of the US Posts


to a close...

It's been a hectic last couple weeks...days...hours even; but time is one thing I learned that you cannot stop...and as time keeps ticking forward, I find my fingers feverishly racing on the keyboard..trying to keep up with the movement of the spinning hands.

The entirety of the situation started to hit me a few days ago...i started to notice my movements slowing down, everything was slowing down..I wasn't in a hurry, my motions, my body, even my beating heart all started to slow down as afflicted by a tranquil drink.

the world moved fast, or as fast as it normally does, it was me that was different I suppose. I can't be expected to act like it's not, but it's hard to uphold that image when you're asked be every contact you meet.

Maybe that's why I said I was ok, because I didn't want to face the facts..and the sooner I accepted my fate, the longer I would have til it happened..more time for worry, more time for stress, more time for pain...and nobody needs that.

These hours waiting in the airport, these uncomfortable seats jarring the reality into your back, giving you nothing but time to think about the pain, of it all.

I haven't posted enough in 2013, though, I should have.

"insert obligatory leaving quote/music lyrics here"

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