Friday, December 20, 2013


There's always
two sides...

to a story....

The Embassy wasn't as cracked up as the last post made it seem..well, maybe it was what happened....afterwards.

Everybody was fine, until after we left.  The lines "yo, I'm faded" were uttered as we walked back to the vehicle and the only two sober - because they were underage - were made the drivers.  Two car loads of drunken fools; my vehicle containing the less rowdy and more tame crowd as the other vehicle was all the officers...

We were quiet for most the way, almost ended up in Iraq because we missed our exit...the drunkest two were passed out, except faded man, who kept puking into his hoodie.  It was easy getting past the four checkpoints, though it did get close when the passenger made everyone sit up and look alive, telling faded guy to swallow it...he coughed up and i saw some chunks fly out..not a good moment.

The other guy didn't throw up until we were all the way back and parked, props to him on that...and as for me, i was feeling good.  Went in to finish the last hour of my shift, and headed home..which is where my night went awry...

I'm known for being an asshole, and in that loving characteristic is a quality you either love me or hate me for; telling it like it is.  As much as I do set records straight, fire from the hip, and being brutally honest..I do reserve quite a bit actually.

One sure fire way to get me to that point of no return, alcohol.  Alcohol is a social lubricant, works the same on me as it does any normal human being.  Alcohol helps me bridge that very small gap, where things reserved on the back-burner are pressed up in your face.

Being halfway across the world in an opposite time zone with limited communication abilities still was no match for what needed to be said.  I'll admit, it came out of the blue; something that was glossed over months before..but a heart can only endure so much beating.

It was never my intention for that night, and it's always sad to lose.  It just wasn't me that night.

"we coulda done big things together"

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