Friday, December 13, 2013

Damn, Blog


damn damn

I had a rant while I wa sat work, and now, I've got a blank...hmmmm.  Well, this is how bored I've blogging while at work.   That's write, your tax dollars are hard at work.  Actually, this is good.  I'm able to do things like this, that I need.  So instead of some lame ass AA or chaplain talks and any other weird shit the military would fund..I've got it works.

Moved into our rooms finally, and at first I thought it was a blessing, now, looking back on things I'm not so I awoke this morning at 10am.  Maybe my body is trying to catch up from the past 3 weeks of bullshit.

I work what i like to call the night shift, but they call it the midshift..whatever, my counterpart works from 7-15, and i work from 15-2300...well, actually 2400/0000/midnight..I work the extra hour because around 2000 I send one of the two embarkers to the gym (home) because they work 12 hour shifts and that's just stupid to me.  So every other day one they get to leave early...I have this luxury because my new promotion makes me the highest ranking person in the office after 1800, so they listen....bringing common sense to the military..I won't make it very far

So yeah, I just bite the bullet and stay for an extra hour to ensure two people are in the office at any given time...the poor shift that follows, midnight to noon does not have this opportunity.

Also trying to work out something where we can get a day off.  Say the first Sunday I work a split shift and my counterpart has off..the next Sunday the roles are reversed...just because the days are already blending's not even been a month, and I know we haven't done any grueling labor...but, that shit takes its toll on you.

This month of December will be in your face with bullshit posts just to get the numbers up..also dust off my fingers and make them work again, I apologize in advance for what is to come.

It may not be the best of times, but winds are blowing.

"wake me up, when september ends?"

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