Friday, December 20, 2013


American Soil..
Foreign Beers..

the life in the day of a ....

Yesterday was a much anticipated day.  Though there was no real reason we were receiving the news, we were jut happy to hear it...we were going to the Embassy.  As far as I consider, any trip off base is a good one; whether it be embassy, mall, picking up people from the's just nice to get off of base.

This marks my second time in the month we've been here for us getting off base - not too shabby if you ask me.  This time, though, I had the unfortunate task of driving out there.  In all honesty, it wasn't too bad...maybe there were more people on the road the other time we went out..maybe it wasn't so bad because I was driving..maybe it wasn't as bad because the trip seemed shorter this time..or maybe it wasn't that bad because the initial shock and fear factor had passed with that first trip.  Whatever the case may be, there were only a couple close calls - mainly because I was following an American driver while I tried to drive like the natives (in a vehicle with shitty brakes).

The Embassy was not all that it was hyped up to be - though we didn't have too high of expectations, it didn't live up to the Oasis others made it out to be...perhaps an off night as suggested by those that frequent it..whatever the case it was American soil which meant one thing, booze.

I was happy to not be limited to only beer or wine, as they did have some liquor to choose from.  My evening started with a Captain & Coke, but switched to beer only because that was what was being bought for us; that and I ran out of KD (they didn't accept plastic).

We spent a few hours there, downed more than a few beverages, socialized, and we were home just in time for my shift to end...

"Sorry guys, game over..."

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