Tuesday, December 24, 2013

I Concede

No white flag, 
just going to let be...

A post about posts...

After much consideration, I feel as if 'pushing' posts on you, this year, would be wrong.  I do not like the idea of forcing these posts to meet some made up quota.  It would not be right.  That is not the idea behind this blog.

Granted, I have come across some writing exercises that tell you to force a set hour or so each day to post - which I can understand their intent; and I have no qualms with that.  What my argument is against is posting multiple times in one day..posting so many times in way to make up for the days, weeks, and months of lost posts this year.

It would be like a deathbed repentance...as my time grows nearer, I fight fruitlessly in order to 'make things right', only to appease myself really.  Sure I'll look back at this year and wonder "why?".  I'm shamefully shake my head in disappointment at the low number; but rather not the low number itself, but what it represents - my laziness.  

Sure there was a period in the first third of the year i was extremely bogged down with work and school..but what abut the rest...

no excuses, just write.

"I can't promise the future will be any different, but I can promise I'll try"

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