Sunday, December 22, 2013

So This One Time..

I was gonna write..


I woke up on this Sunday feeling good about getting stuff done.  It has been my goal to get on a schedule of sorts to make sense of the days out here.  You see, if you didn't know by now, I work every single is not a fabrication..I go into work at 1500, and leave somewhere between 2300-2400..not bad hours, in fact I enjoy working that shift because nobody is around in the office, it's's just good...but it's every day.

So to combat that, trying to get a routine started, something similar to back home I guess.  Sunday is my catch up day - do laundry, that type of stuff.  I had planned on doing just that, and more (such as blogging ((I have three topics in my head I keep forgetting!))), but that wouldn't be the case.

Of course I get a call from work; we are going to clean out weapons in less than an hour.  This was about the time I was to start my laundry and hop in the shower.  So ultimately I missed lunch, didn't have time to blog, and cleaned a weapon that was already clean..

I did get my laundry done before work, and luckily I had some snacks in my room to hold me over before I was able to go for dinner later..and now here I am.

This wasn't the blog you were supposed to get, but it's the one you're gonna get.

"it's not the post they deserve, it's the post they need"

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