Friday, January 31, 2014

Love Song



Often I get asked if I write poetry, to which of course I answer 'no'; and then I'm told I should.  I write here, as I always will..and whether it be short stories, rants, or "poems" I just consider it my blog...nothing more, just me writing.  I don't put labels on them as to what they are..and my internet actions and texts may be worthy of something noting, but these are different moments.

I wish I could combine all those elements and make a love song, but I feel as if everything that could be said has been said, and I'd just steal lines from other artists in my quest.

The Cataracs "Love Song" is, right now, my number one love song to go to. With lyrics like: 
"Then I wake up from my dream
Woah had you on my mind for a long time
Can't get you out of my head, giving me head
So whats a man to do, except confront his love and tell you what I plan to do
Yes I'm gonna win you over, I got the four leaf clover
My task is to smash like the game is red rover"

who could compete with that?

Maybe I need to get back in the game, however I feel as if there's an age (experience) limit on things in life, and falling in love (love in the raw) has passed.

"When I met you dawg you were not the kind to get involved with any joe blow trying to get in your drawers"