Tuesday, April 29, 2014



that's a horrible pun

so, as many of you have no idea, I'm going to India...in a few hours.  I am going to spend my R&R there.  R&R is essentially the government realizing that making you work every single day, for a year straight, away from friends, and family, and everything normal, in a weird country surrounded by sand, is just not cool.  So they "compensate" you by flying you to wherever you want to go, and fly you back.  15 days off to do as you wish (within reason I suppose).  Most people fly back to the states, which is nice and all...but logistically speaking...it's dumb.  Think about it.  You're going to fly over 24 hours, to try and get readjusted to the ass-backward time frame..and by the time you get used to it all, it's another 24 hours flight back to where you left a fortnight ago...Plus, it's the States..I've been there, granted I haven't been everywhere, but..I'm on the other side of the world..I'm going to take advantage of that.

So that brings me to India.  Now, granted I probably could have planned it a little better...I didn't realize the Visa process while being deployed would be as grueling as it was.  Also to note, I am traveling in May, which is an off-season for travel due to the intense heat.  Crap.

But, what makes me write this post, is not to brag about whatever...but rather...because I'm actually nervous.  Never before have I ever taken a real vacation...not since I was a child I suppose.  I mean, I've taken time off of work, "vacation days" to visit friends and family..drive across the country..do those things..but it wasn't necessarily new places with crazy fun itineraries.  This is different, this is real travel.

The last time I took a vacation was in January of 2008.  My best friend and I went to Disneyworld - partially because I had never been there and he wanted to fulfill that dream for/with me.  I believe it was one week or so..staying with his grandparents...driving a mustang around..living the dream.

I've been to foreign countries..South Korea, though for work, was a lovely experience I and would very much like to visit again; whether for work or personal business.  But, still, there's a piece of me that is scared of going through with this...for whatever reason.  Sure I've been planning this for months on end.  And sure I had a travel agency map out the best itineraries.  And sure every thing is covered, from hotels to ground transportation to tours...

but..I don't know...this is a new world for me...it's everything I've ever wanted to do...and now..I'm doing it.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”