Friday, December 08, 2017

You Got This...

There's a lot of things in life I can handle,
but there's a lot of things in life I can't as well.

and yet here i am...

I used to be good about this, using the internet before it was cool - kidding.  Everyone had a journal of sorts back then.  Xanga, livejournal, blogger, you name it.  Now kids post reposted memes on tumblr and they call that a "blog."  No you fuckwits, reposting shit you like or find creative is not a god damned's a pinterest for porn.  Did Generation Xers hate us as much as I hate the newer millenials and generation z'ers?  let's hope not.

It's funny how we live in a society, modern society, where we can actually connect with pretty much anyone we know at any given time, in a few seconds...yet, getting a text back is more painful than stubbing your toe on your bed.

what the hell happened, where did it all go wrong?  Dating is fucked.  People are fucked.  Life is fucked.  I started losing my fears, doing things I shouldn't be doing, because what's the worst that can happen to me, death?  I'd gladly accept.

If you call someone out, that's rude.  Somehow pointing out someone else's faults and how they have wronged you makes you the bad person, because now you made them feel bad, and that's not cool.

There's like six different blog post topics in one post here, and that's all i got.

"i'm proud of you"

Monday, March 20, 2017

Two Years


do I even remember how to do this anymore?

That...looks about right?  Let's just all pretend to agree that the two year gap didn't actually happen and this is just March following the last post in February 2015...  I had to start bloooogging for my "internship class" - I don't know how they can make me do even more work than what I'm already doing, but, whatever.  I actually put off the blogging until the other night.  In classic fashion it was a Saturday evening, two whiskeys in, and my fingers kept going.

I I wasn't sure what the outline was to consist of, word counts and all that.  I read a few examples, not sure if read is correct, rather skimmed and realized people aren't that good.  So, given no limitations, I just rambled, as I always do.  Pumped out four largely overdue posts and went about finding myself here.

I delayed blogging for the class because, well, of this.  This was my everything, my go-to, and then, over time, it went away.  It probably really died in 2009, but it hung around and faded away rather than burning up.

I suppose it does hold some relevance, I made a post on snapchat (yes, that's a thing now) about blogging and a friend of mine got excited.  I had to reassure them it was for class, not here.  But it got me thinking, would it be so bad to start writing again?  After having lost any muse I've ever met, do I have stories that are worthwhile any more?

I just finished watching Californication, for the third time - it's more about the life than the writing that gets pushed...but, maybe it will get me thinking.  Maybe this summer, all the time off I'll read, and start writing.

I mean, what else do I have going on.

"I think i insert some sort of quote here like this?"